obesity in dogs

Obesity in Dogs

The path to tackling obesity in dogs is the same one you would take no matter what species we’re talking about.

Good quality diet in the right amount, less junk, more exercise!

Sobering statistics

In a 2014 survey by The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP), results show that 52.7% of all dogs in the U.S.… Read full post


Lost My Doggie Product Review


Product: Lost My Doggie (National Lost Dog Recovery System)

Price: 3 packages available (FREE, from $54.95 and from $94.95)

Where to buy: lostmydoggie.com

Product specifications: Helps locate lost dogs through a variety of methods

Guarantee: It’s never possible to guarantee the return of a missing pet

Refund/cancellation policy: No refunds are given on packages ordered, but there is a 100% money back guarantee on any add on service purchased if pet not found in 30 days.… Read full post

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Pain Relief for Arthritic Dogs

In a previous article, I talked about alternative methods of arthritis treatment. If that’s not a road you’re interested in travelling down, no worries. Here are the various options for pain relief for arthritic dogs.

NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories)

Most drugs used for treating arthritis in dogs, are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. Aspirin and ibuprofen, which most of us keep in our medicine cabinets, are just two examples.… Read full post

what to do if your dog goes missing

What To Do If Your Dog Goes Missing


It’s a terrifying moment when you realise your dog is missing. You’ve searched the entire house, including his or her favourite hiding places and nothing. That sick feeling means you know she’s gone.

Your pet is missing, what do you do?

Let’s back up for a moment, and talk about steps we can take to prevent getting to this point.… Read full post

old dogs deserve homes too

Old Dogs Deserve Homes Too

I admit I feel sad and frustrated watching people in shelters ignoring the old dogs. Of course puppies are too cute for words, but in their final years don’t old dogs deserve homes too!

People, I beg you. before you actually get that puppy, do your research and give it serious thought.… Read full post

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Alternative Treatments for Dogs With Arthritis

Many people prefer a more natural, holistic route to healthcare in their own lives, and that has quickly translated into wanting the same for their pets. Hence an increase in the number of people seeking out alternative treatments for dogs with arthritis.

As the popularity for more natural products in our lives grows, many “traditional” veterinary practices are starting to include alternative protocols.… Read full post

the pet stroller I use for my senior dog Red

Confidence Deluxe Four Wheel Pet Stroller: Review

Product: Confidence Deluxe Four Wheel Pet Stroller Best place to buy: Amazon.com Product specifications: Weight: 4.8kg – Wheel to wheel: 48cm – Floor to top of handle: 101cm – Back wheel to front: 66cm – Inside compartment: 33cm – Actual area for the dog: 55.5cm long x 34cm wide My rating: 9.5/10 Features Easy to assemble – less than 5 minutes, no tools required Lightweight, easy to maneuver +Two ways to put your dog in – from the top (like a baby stroller) and a zippered flap in the back Available in 4 colours – red, blue, green and pink Collapsible protective canopy  Mesh in the front, back, and on the sunshade for ventilation on warm days, and protection against bugs or flying insects  Good size basket holds shopping, extra sweater, leashes, treats, snacks… Cushioned handlebar Parent tray with 2 cupholders and larger section to hold phone, keys, treats… A spongy insert for comfort Tether to clip onto harness or collar  Foot locking rear wheel  Folds in seconds  Clasp on frame locks the stroller when closed  Holds a 15lb dog comfortably Product Overview

How many times have you taken your senior dog out with you, only to end up carrying him most of the time, leaving you with an aching back?… Read full post

12 best practices for living with old blind dogs

Best Practices For Living With Old Blind Dogs


This list of best practices for living with old blind dogs will, hopefully, show you that just because your dog is blind doesn’t mean you can’t have a wonderful and happy life together. 

Sure you’ll have to make a few minor adjustments, but he or she can still travel, take walks, join you for family outings, boat trips and anything else you used to do. … Read full post

Josephine suffered from eye problems in dogs

Eye Problems in Dogs

The possibility of eye problems in dogs is naturally a concern, so let’s have a look at what we can do in terms of prevention, help or treatment. 

Let me begin by saying eye problems in dogs is not inevitable, which is very good news. Vision loss and eye problems can occur, so if eye exams are not part of your dog’s health checks, they should be.… Read full post

hearing loss in dogs

Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Loss in Dogs

It can be quite scary when your dog goes deaf, but this article will help you with everything you need to know about hearing loss in dogs.

While hearing loss in senior dogs is not an absolute, partial or full hearing loss is common. Your dog will begin to rely on his other senses, and can still live a very happy, good quality life. … Read full post