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How to Treat Kidney Disease in Dogs

We understand what kidney disease in senior dogs is, and how it is diagnosed. Now we are going to discuss the various treatment options available, to manage it as best we can. Treatment options for acute renal failure (ARF)

We know that acute kidney disease comes on quite suddenly. The cause could include leptospirosis, a parasite, eating foods dangerous to dogs, or drinking antifreeze.… Read full post

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Best Christmas Gifts for Dogs

Hard to believe how quickly time passes, and we’re talking about Christmas gifts for dogs again! 

The items listed below are great for any time of year, so hang onto this site when you’re looking for doggie stuff! I will be including a link for each item that will take you directly to an online resource where you will find it for sale.… Read full post

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Diagnosing Kidney Disease in Dogs

Basically, kidney disease in dogs is diagnosed by measuring the levels of two waste products in the blood: blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine. A urinalysis rounds out the testing.

Here is a bit more detail.


When your vet asks you to bring in a urine sample from your dog, try and get the first urine of the day – mid stream is preferable, and try and get it to the vet within a couple of hours of collection. … Read full post

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Dog Tornado Activity Toy Review


Product: Dog Tornado Interactive Toy (Nina Ottosson)

Place to buy:

Product specifications: 11.5 inches x 9 inches x 4 inches

My rating: 8//10

Product Overview

The Dog Tornado interactive toy is designed to stimulate and challenge your dog mentally. It is a four tier, bone shaped, swivel toy, with compartments for hiding treats.… Read full post

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10 Hot Tips to Keep Your Senior Dog Warm and Protected This Winter


Winter is not even here yet, but I know Red is already starting to feel the cold. This summer wasn’t great (weatherwise), so it feels like she hasn’t been without a sweater in months. In this article I’m going to talk about the ways to keep your senior dog warm and protected this winter.… Read full post


Keep Your Dog Active: Physically and Mentally

As the years pass, it’s more important than ever to keep your older dog active, yet the opposite seems to happen! As our dogs age, many of us get a bit lazy about keeping them active.

I guess we figure that they’re happier just lying in their bed sleeping, so we leave them to it.… Read full post

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6 Questions Answered About Kidney Disease in Dogs


To help you understand kidney disease in dogs, I have put together a list of 6 questions and answers I hope will give you some of the clarity you have been seeking.

Kidney disease in older dogs is very common, so it’s a good idea to learn as much as we can should we, or should I say our dog, ever be faced with it.… Read full post

Surprise My Pet

Surprise My Pet Review: Makes Life a Little Easier!

Surprise My Pet Review: Makes Life a Little Easier!

Product: Surprise My Pet

Price: $19.00/box – $23.00/box – $25.00/box

Best place to buy:

Product specifications: box full of goodies for your dog

Paw for paw guarantee: If your pup does not like a toy or treat in their box, a replacement item is sent, free, in the next month’s box

My rating: [wp-review id=”513″]


Surprise My Pet, Product Overview

Surprise My Pet started 7 months ago, and is a company that supplies a monthly box of goodies for your dog.… Read full post

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Senior Dogs Also Need Grooming


Not everyone has gotten the message – senior dogs also need grooming!!

Unfortunately, there are many dog guardians out there who seem to think that just because their dog is older and spending more time in bed than out of it, grooming can take a back seat. They wait until the dog smells so bad they can’t stand it, or is unable to walk properly. … Read full post