how to keep your dog healthy

How to Keep Your Dog Healthy: Strategies Revealed

In this new post, I am going to be revealing very simple strategies for how to keep your dog healthy.

While these strategies will apply to dogs of all ages, I will be writing with the senior dog in mind. So let’s get started!

It seems that as our dogs age, many of us get a bit lazy about keeping them active.… Read full post

teach your dog how to use a dog ramp

Coping With the Loss of a Pet

I know how impossible it can be, coping with the loss of a pet.

You want to lie in bed and cry. Well, why not? I’ve done it, and it’s certainly better to cry it out to release your grief, then to keep it bottled up.

Just please make sure you don’t get lost in it.… Read full post

toys for blind dogs

Toys For Blind Dogs

Blindness should not stop your dog from playing, so in this post I’m going to be talking about toys for blind dogs.

I often use my senior dog Red and my life with her, as an example for many of my articles. Although she is blind, and has been since we adopted her almost 7 years ago, she doesn’t know how to play, and no amount of effort on my part has gotten her interested.… Read full post

resource guarding in dogs

Resource Guarding in Dogs

Resource guarding in dogs is a pretty common issue many pet parents experience, and can occur in dogs of all ages, seniors included.

Although dogs can guard many resources, in this post we will be talking specifically about how to help a dog who guards food. 

What is a resource?

A resource is anything a dog considers to be a treasure, something of high value.… Read full post


Retractable Dog Leashes: Why Are We So Obsessed With Using Them?


I very often wonder what the obsession is with everyone and their retractable dog leashes.

To be honest I do know, I just cannot understand why users don’t see the downsides, especially when I watch them struggling. Also known as flexi leashes, most people I see, and I see a lot, should not be using them, not realising they are accidents waiting to happen.… Read full post