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Introducing a New Dog to an Old Dog

You’ve decided you’re ready for a new furry friend, and want to know what’s involved in introducing a new dog to an old dog.

I’m beyond delighted you’re doing research and didn’t run out and adopt on a whim. 

Attitude about “old”

I’m deeply troubled by the attitude society has towards seniors of any species, and the assumptions made as soon as the word is mentioned.… Read full post

common dog injuries

11 Common Dog Injuries and How to Prevent Them

In my ongoing quest to keep our senior dogs safe and well, I’m going to be talking about common dog injuries and how to prevent them.

Age has nothing to do with ability to get hurt, making our dogs vulnerable at any stage of life. What can make a common injury much more problematic in some old dogs, especially those who face health challenges are things like: slower healing and recovery time due to weaker bones and compromised immune systems.… Read full post

how to save money on vet bills

How to Save Money on Vet Bills: My 21 Tips

My animals seem to cost us a fortune, so I decided to find out how to save money on vet bills, if it can even be done!

This article may be published on my senior dog website but trust me, all the very helpful tips you’ll read about will help you, no matter what type or age of pet you share your life with.… Read full post

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The Truth About Weight Loss in Older Dogs

The truth about weight loss in older dogs is…it’s not a good thing.

Let’s backtrack for a moment. If your old dog has gotten fat because of inactivity, too much food, too many treats or you adopted a fat old dog (like I did), then helping your dog get to a healthy weight is a very good thing.… Read full post

lumps and bumps in older dogs

Lumps and Bumps in Older Dogs


Lumps and bumps in dogs are not unusual, and most of the time are nothing at all to worry about.

You know when you’re sitting on the couch relaxing, slowly petting your dog and then you feel a lump? You know when your heart skips a beat, you get that nauseous feeling and the word “cancer” fills your every waking moment?… Read full post

incontinence products for dogs

Dog Incontinence Products

Following on from my previous post “Incontinence in Older Dogs” I’d like to highlight some dog incontinence products that will help.

Whatever the reason for your dog’s incontinence, and whether it can be resolved in a short period of time, or something you’ll be living with for a while (or always!!), the result is still the same – uncontrollable/involuntary peeing.… Read full post

stress incontinence in older dogs

Incontinence in Older Dogs

Perhaps not the most glamorous topic to discuss, but incontinence in older dogs is a reality for some, so let’s get to it!

Many people who have the pleasure of sharing their lives with senior dogs attribute any and all changes to the natural course of aging, urinary incontinence included.… Read full post

vestibular disease in senior dogs

What You Need to Know About Vestibular Disease in Dogs

Vestibular disease in dogs is not something I had ever heard of…until Red got it!

One day, I guess it was a couple of years ago (lots of things were happening to her around that time period), I saw Red standing in the kitchen and noticed her head was tilted. Not the adorable head tilt some dogs have when they look at you like they want something, or have a question to ask.… Read full post

are you struggling with how to care for an aging dog

Are You Struggling With How to Care For an Aging Dog? Let’s Chat


If you are struggling with how to care for an aging dog, it’s time you and I had a chat.

The passage of time, the challenges of getting older etc etc etc… We know all that, but what too many don’t know is…

Old dogs – Do not have one foot in the grave simply because they’re older Need to see the vet twice a year, if not more often Should not be left in pain because it’s considered a “natural part of aging” Still require proper nutrition Can exercise Require mental stimulation Can learn new tricks Need as much love as everybody else

Deserve loving homes and not left to die alone in a shelter (this last line was a brief appearance on my soapbox, advocating for senior pet fostering and adoption)

Time to chat

In this guide to caring for an aging dog I will be covering the following topics:

A reminder of the joys of living with a senior dog Finding the right vet Signs of aging Senior dogs feeling the cold A senior dog friendly home  A comfortable place to lay his head Nutrition Health and wellness Oral hygiene and health Grooming Exercising your senior dog The importance of mental stimulation Mobility and other aids Saying goodbye A reminder of the joys of living with a senior dog

Overwhelmed with our dog’s health issues, struggles with having to say goodbye and the financial strain of high vet bills can all overshadow the pure joy of living with a senior dog.… Read full post

how to care for your aging dog in the winter

How to Crochet a Dog Coat

You may be wondering why I’m writing about how to crochet a dog coat on my senior dog website.

After all this is not the type of post you’ve ever seen here before, but I had what I call a “ha ha” moment this morning.

For various reasons I’ve been crocheting Red some coats recently, mainly because when we moved away for a few months I forgot to pack most of hers.… Read full post