symptoms of diabetes in dogs

Symptoms of Diabetes in Dogs

Many of the symptoms of diabetes in dogs are actually similar to those of other diseases.

What else is new?

It seems like whenever I write about a particular disease, I say those same words, and that’s because it’s true. Many symptoms are common so how can you even figure out which one to suspect?… Read full post

what is wrong with my dog

What is Wrong With My Dog

What is wrong with my dog – not an uncommon question is it, especially if you share your life with a senior dog?

I decided to write this article after a bit of a scare last week. I’m forever banging on about the importance of noticing and acting upon behaviour changes in our older dogs.… Read full post

On a hike in El Torcal Antequera Spain with my senior dog Red

Next Stop on Red’s Whirlwind Tour of Spain – El Torcal

After spending four months in Spain, we’re about to say goodbye. I can’t talk about it because I’m devastated, not to mention very unhappy. I will definitely be back for another few months in the not too distant future, but in two weeks we’ll be saying adios.

There were still a few places on our bucket list, and we just crossed off a big one – El Torcal.… Read full post