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Hello everyone and welcome to my website about caring for a senior dog.

Let me begin by telling you how passionate I am about animals, and helping the people who share their lives with them. One of the ways I do that is through articles like the ones you’ll find here.

Although a lot of what I write can be applied to dogs of all ages, my focus is on the care of senior dogs. Here you will find lots of helpful tips, advice and even products that will help make their lives safer, happier and more comfortable.  

The beginning

You may find it interesting to know, I didn’t grow up with animals, nor did I know anyone who had pets. Do you know that one of my first encounters with a dog was when I was 25? My only encounter with cats were strays. Sounds unbelievable doesn’t it? I know it does to me.

Hindy and RedI sometimes wonder how someone who is so crazy about animals, and passionate about their welfare, didn’t grow up with them.

The love affair began when my boyfriend at the time came by with a puppy, and it’s as though a switch was flicked in my brain, and that was it. It was the beginning of my journey into the world of volunteering and adopting.

My experience

I am a Certified Dog Trainer; Behaviour Consultant:  I have a Diploma in Pet Care and Behaviour and I am a certified Pet Loss Grief Support Coach.

I have volunteered at shelters in Toronto and Florida, and been involved in a wide range of activities. I walked, trained and socialised dogs; helped with behaviour issues; fostered and adopted senior and special needs dogs; socialised cats; was an adoption adviser; a committee member for an annual fundraising event; assisted the marketing department with fundraising ideas.

I cared for a feral cat colony in my neighbourhood, spaying, neutering and feeding the cats.

I started a pet sitting business in 1999, walking dogs and caring for cats and dogs when their owners were away.

What I’m doing now

I offer an online Dog Training and Behavior Consultancy service. I advise on a host of issues including, but not limited to – senior dog care, keeping your senior dog comfortable, behaviour issues such as: on leash aggression, separation anxiety, non stop barking, urine marking, resource guarding…

When I say “online” I refer to the use of video for consultations, as I find it much more effective when being able to see each other during sessions. 

Experience with hundreds of clients over the years has shown me that a lot of the help they’re looking for can be offered remotely. Meaning, a trainer does not have to be in their home to offer the one on one support and help they need. Sometimes that is really the only way, but certainly not always. 

If you are interested in setting up an appointment for a consultation, you can do so by following the link to my sign up form.  

I also run The Saffy Pearson Resource Centre. A mobile resource offering the same advice as my pet consultancy business, only this service is free when at various locations.

I am a member of the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour.

If you have any questions, or I can be of any help, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below and I will respond as soon as I can.

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3 thoughts on “About Hindy

  1. Hello Hindy! Wonderful site! I had a senior dog, who unfortunately lost most of his hearing. But I truly believe that music calms the savage beast, or the even the domesticated pet! I used to leave on music or TV while I was out, for my dog Ace, before he lost his hearing. He always seemed at ease when we came home. This is a wonderful way to help our pets.
    Your site offers such great information for help with all types of problems with our pets.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Rebecca, thank you I’m glad you like it! I was amazed when I put this music on for my senior dog Red – she relaxed in seconds, literally. When I bought the CD and read about the research, and how the project came about, I was truly impressed. I highly recommend this and they have a version for cats as well. My goal is to create a one stop resource for people who share their lives with senior dogs, and I’m just getting started!.

  2. I have two rescue dogs since they were puppies from the same litter. “Calvin and Hobbes” are now 11 yrs old. As far as we can tell they are chiwuawua/schnauzer and weigh about 18 lbs. (best dogs ever). we had noticed that Calvin seems to be aging a little quicker than Hobbes and about 3 weeks ago started giving them both a Nutri-Vet brand of Senior-Vite chewable vitamin each day. We thought that Calvin became a little more active after giving him the vitamin for a couple weeks. But 3 days ago Calvin began throwing up. He never throws up right after he eats or takes the vitamin. He will throw up anywhere from 8 to 12 hours after he has eaten. The vomit is a dark brown. He still has a great appetite and wants to eat and and doesn’t act as though he’s sick. We changed his diet to boiled chicken and rice to see if this would settle his stomach. Unfortunately, he still threw up the following morning, and this time I noticed that the rice we had given him had not digested and was mixed in with the dark brown vomit. We’ve called the vet and have an appt scheduled. In the meantime, we stopped giving him the vitamin, since that was the only change in his diet. Do you think the vitamin may have caused this? Do you have any knowledge regarding these vitamins? His brother Hobbes is still taking the vitamin. Thanks so much on any insight.

    1. Hi Gayle, love the names!! I’m so sorry to hear what’s been going on with Calvin. No I don’t have experience with those vitamins. but it’s strange he would start vomiting after taking them. You were smart to discontinue them, and of course to make an appointment with your vet. Given the symptoms, and the age of your dog I’m very surprised they didn’t recommend you bring him in immediately. If you haven’t seen your vet by the time you read this reply, I hope you contact them and ask them to see you immediately. Beg if you have to, but waiting in the case of an older dog is never a good idea. Take care and please let me know what happens.

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