pancreatitis in dogs

Pancreatitis in Dogs

Sadly I know from personal experience how deadly pancreatitis in dogs can be.

It can hit fast and furious, so please keep reading to learn what it is, how dogs get it, how to treat it and what you can do to prevent it from happening to your dog.

If your dog has lost interest in food and is vomiting, often it’s just a passing thing.… Read full post

acupuncture for dogs

Benefits of Acupuncture: Dry-needling with Electro-Acupuncture

I am very happy to introduce my guest author of today’s post, Christy Caplan.

As a Certified Vet Tech, longtime PR veteran and content marketing expert, Christy Caplan brings her unique understanding of social and digital media to connect dog lovers to brands both on and offline. She lives with three hounds – two Doxies and a Beagle/Basset Hound mix, who constantly teach her about life and companionship.… Read full post


Toothbrushes For Small Dogs

Good oral hygiene can literally save your dog’s life, so in this post I’m going to be showing you some examples of toothbrushes for small dogs.

Dog dental care is such an important issue, not enough can be written about it. It is important not only in terms of oral hygiene, but as a way to prevent serious illness. … Read full post

types of dog food

Senior Dog Nutrition: Is This The End of Our Confusion?

Deciding on the type of senior dog nutrition we’re going to go with is challenging, but is this the end of our confusion?

I often get feedback from readers of my blog, which I am so grateful for. Hearing from everyone lets me know whether or not I am doing a good job of providing the information they are looking for.… Read full post


Lots of Helpful Tips For Finding an Awesome Pet Sitter


If you want to be able to leave your animals and relax while on your trip, read on for lots of helpful tips for finding an awesome pet sitter. 

I like travelling, taking a break, exploring, but that sometimes means having to leave my animals, and that is absolutely panic inducing for me!… Read full post

dog in a car

Car Travel With a Dog

Everyone is excited about the road trip you’ll be taking, especially because this time you’re bringing the dog.

Please don’t wait until the car is packed, to put the dog in and hope for the best. Do you even know if he enjoys car rides?

First things first, does your dog like the car?… Read full post
separation anxiety in older dogs

Separation Anxiety in Older Dogs

It is so heartbreaking to witness separation anxiety in senior dogs, I want to take a look at what it is and how we can help. 

Separation anxiety can be experienced by dogs of all ages, yet it is one of the most common behaviours in senior dogs. Not only can it be harder for older dogs to handle changes in routine, but losing hearing or sight will likely make them more anxious in general.… Read full post

Fight Against Canine Cancer

12 Signs Your Dog May Have Cancer: Don’t Ignore Them

In this new post we will be looking at 12 signs your dog may have cancer.

Are there really signs your dog may have cancer? The short answer is yes, but a more in depth answer would be that the signs for cancer can also signal the presence of other diseases, as symptoms can be similar.… Read full post


Dog Dental Chews: Do They Help Keep Teeth Clean?

We’re getting the message about the importance of brushing our dog’s teeth, so we want to know if dog dental chews will help. 

In previous posts we looked at various toothbrushes and toothpastes, now it’s time to talk about dog dental chews.

We already know how plaque can build up on our dog’s teeth, just like it does on our own.… Read full post


Glucosamine for Dogs: What to Expect From an Overdose

Hello everyone, and welcome to this guest post written by Erin Amanda. Erin is a Certified Veterinary Technician with experience in veterinary toxicology, living in Illinois with her partner, her son, and her zoo of critters.  She has written and published peer-reviewed continuing education articles on toxicology through the NAVTA journal and the VSPN network.… Read full post