explaining the loss of a pet to children

Explaining the Loss of a Pet to Children

It’s hard enough for us to cope, imagine explaining the loss of a pet to children.

Sadly it’s one of those things in life that are inevitable. Of course it’s to be dreaded, but if handled properly, it will serve as an important lesson in loss, love, life and compassion.… Read full post

the loss of a pet

The Loss of a Pet

It’s not a topic anyone wants to talk about, I know I don’t, but the loss of a pet is an inevitable part of sharing our lives with them.

Like you, I have said goodbye too many times. You never get used to it, and it never gets easier. Nothing prepares you for the moment the vet walks in with that euthanasia paper, requiring your signature that will force you apart.… Read full post

teach your dog how to use a dog ramp

Coping With the Loss of a Pet

I know how impossible it can be, coping with the loss of a pet.

You want to lie in bed and cry. Well, why not? I’ve done it, and it’s certainly better to cry it out to release your grief, then to keep it bottled up.

Just please make sure you don’t get lost in it.… Read full post


How To Cope With Losing a Dog

How to cope with losing a dog.

Feeling sad and grieving over the loss of an animal companion is normal, so don’t let anyone make you feel like it isn’t.

As much as we would like to avoid experiencing the heartbreak, the truth is – we can’t feel better if we don’t allow ourselves to first feel bad.… Read full post

Close Down Puppy Farms

Saffy’s Story – The Story of a Rescue Dog That Will Melt Your Heart



As I write this story, tears are streaming down my face and my heart is broken. Saffy died yesterday afternoon.

In spite of this, her story must be heard.

Saffy (or Saffron Cleopatra – the formal name my husband gave her), was rescued from a puppy mill, also known as dog hell.… Read full post

Honouring the memory of those we have lost

Top 14 Ways to Honor the Memory of a Dog

In memory of my puppy mill rescue Saffy, who knew only a brief moment of peace

I speak from experience when I say, finding ways to honor the memory of a dog will go a long way to helping you heal from their loss.

Honouring Calypso

The first time I ever had to say goodbye to an animal was my cat Calypso.… Read full post


Explaining the Death of a Pet to Your Kids

One of the more difficult parts about losing a pet, may be explaining the death of a pet to your kids. For most kids, pets are family, their best friends. Who greets them at the door when they come home? Do your children have private chats with their pets? Do they seek comfort and companionship from them?… Read full post