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Being With Your Pet at the End

We know how heart wrenching it is, the moment our pet dies. Many pet guardians aren’t even able to be there to watch. No judging please! It doesn’t mean they loved them any less than you love yours, it’s just too hard for some people to bear.

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Explaining the Death of a Pet to Your Kids

Explaining the Death of a Pet to Your Kids

One of the more difficult parts about losing a pet, may be explaining the death of a pet to your kids. For most kids, pets are family, their best friends.

Who greets them at the door when they come home? Do your children have private chats with their pets? Do they seek comfort and companionship from them?… Read full post

when is it time to let your dog go

When Is It Time to Let Your Dog Go?

Sometimes the decision to let your dog go is clear cut, other times it isn’t. You go back and forth, yes no yes no, and can’t seem to figure out what to do. So many of us have been in that same situation, myself included.

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