Keep Your Dog Safe On Halloween

Halloween sign


Halloween sign

Halloween is just around the corner, and I know I’m excited!!

I have already brought out all my decorations, and can’t wait to start putting them up.

While it may be all about fun for the grownups, and the kids, let’s make sure you do what you can to keep your dog safe on Halloween.

Here are some tips that will help

  • candyKeep bags of candy out of your dog’s reach
  • If a piece of candy or chocolate falls on the floor, pick it up right away – and tell your kids that too! It can be poisonous, and a definite choking hazard
  • Welcoming trick or treaters means lots of door opening, bell ringing, scary costumes and screaming kids. Keep your dog safe by putting her in a separate part of the house, or behind a baby gate
  • Even if your dog is safely locked away, she should be microchipped and have a proper fitting collar with an id tag, containing up to date information
  • Don’t leave your dog alone in the yard. You never know if a prankster will steal or let her out, or even do her harm
  • Halloween decsDon’t keep lit pumpkins in the house. Your dog can burn herself, or knock it over and cause a fire
  • Halloween lights and other decorations should be kept out of reach. Cords can be chewed, and decorations knocked over, or swallowed.
  • Make sure your dog can’t get at the pumpkins and corn. Although they are edible, blockages or choking can occur if large pieces are swallowed

If your dog does eat something she should not have, or you even suspect she has, call the poison hotline, or take her to the emergency hospital if your vet is not available.

If you’re going to dress your dog up in a costume…

  • Red in witch costume outside2it should be loose enough to be comfortable, but not so loose she can get tangled up in it
  • no beading or other pieces that can be chewed off
  • make sure it does not restrict her breathing or ability to bark
  • take it off if she’s miserable
  • a Halloween themed bandana can add to the festive look, and is safer


Halloween signNow you’re ready for a safe and happy Halloween.


Keep Your Dog Safe On Halloween
Hindy Pearson
Helping people care for their senior dogs
I am a certified dog trainer and pet care consultant, specialising in working with rescue dogs and first time pet parents. I foster and adopt senior and special needs dogs, and advocate for shelter adoption of all animals, particularly older dogs and cats. I am currently working on a spay/neuter program in Spain.

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14 thoughts on “Keep Your Dog Safe On Halloween

  1. Hey Hindy. Another great post. I know how dangerous chocolate can be for dogs but it never occurred to me to be more vigilant during Halloween, wow thanks for the tip!

  2. Dress the dog in a costume? Tihihihihi always find those so funny…You’re right, pranksters could have a field day with that. Like the Halloween themed bandana though… think my daughter and I will go looking for one of those.

    1. Hi May, thanks for the comment. I must admit I can’t stand when people dress their dogs up in dresses etc…, it always makes me feel like they’re treating them like dolls. However, when it comes to sweaters and coats for warmth, and a few minutes in a costume, I’m good with that.

  3. Fantastic advice! I know that I didn’t think about keeping my dog safe on halloween one year until it was too late! This will emphasize the point you made about the door being open a lot. I spent my first halloween with my pup wondering around town with a treat bag trying to catch the little guy. Not fun! You can be sure that I made sure he was well secured the following year.

    Are there any halloween treats they can enjoy?

    Thanks for the advice! Noted. 🙂

    1. Hi Melody, Thanks very much, and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Thankfully you caught him though!! Since Halloween treats are candy, then I would say no. However, there are lots of homemade treats that are easy enough to make, and you can form them into all kinds of themed shapes.

  4. hi Hindy!
    awwww Red looks adorable in her witch costume! But I am with you that she does seem to be a fan! That being said, I do not think I have ever met a dog (or a cat for that matter) that liked being in a costume. We dressed up my friend’s dog and her daughter’s dog last Christmas and they were giving us the “get it off!” look!
    Great tips for dogs and Halloween. Some things I would not have thought about such as no lit pumpkin or keeping the corn and pumpkin away. Dogs can knock over things pretty easily and it could certainly become a fire hazard. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. Hi Emily, I appreciate your comment. No she doesn’t look happy – it’s the witch hat she can’t stand, or maybe the paper towels I had to stuff inside it to make it stand up, but either way, the costume loses it’s appeal without it. !! There’s usually a Halloween party locally, so we stop in for a few minutes, show the dogs off, and leave.

  5. Hi Hindy,
    Thank you for the extremely helpful and important tips on keeping your dog safe on Halloween. You never can be too careful when it comes to holidays.
    Thank you again for sharing!


    1. Hi Cora, thanks for your comment, and I’m so glad you found the information helpful. I think in the excitement of planning for the holidays, then the commotion on the day, it’s easy for pet safety to slip our minds. Hope this will help everyone keep their dogs safe this Halloween.

  6. Great tips, Hindy! Many are applicable for cats, too.

    It’s a shame that we have to take measures to protect our pets from Halloween pranksters who would deliberately harm them. The fact that such precautions are even necessary reveals a glaringly ugly truth about human nature–and why I prefer animals to begin with. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this helpful information! I hope it benefits many.

    1. Hi Angela, I appreciate your comment and yes, definitely, a lot of what I write about definitely applies to cats as well. It really is shocking what some people will do, and the acts of violence they will commit against living beings. It’s sad we have to constantly be concerned, but that is the world we live in. I agree with you, I prefer them as well.

  7. Great tips there Hindy. Being a non-American, I wouldn’t know anything about Halloween but the content itself speaks as coming from a professional. I’m sure this article will save quite a few dogs.

    1. Hi Yared, I appreciate your comment. I think it’s an excuse for kids to eat lots of junk food! Personally I just like the decorations, but I digress. I’m glad your found my article informative, that’s my goal with helping people care for their dogs.

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