Old Dogs Deserve Homes Too

old dogs deserve homes too

old dogs deserve homes too

I admit I feel sad and frustrated watching people in shelters ignoring the old dogs. Of course puppies are too cute for words, but in their final years don’t old dogs deserve homes too!

People, I beg you. before you actually get that puppy, do your research and give it serious thought. Having a puppy is a lot of work so consider how realistic it is for your lifestyle, the amount of time you have to commit to his or her care, and even your physical abilities. It isn’t fair to adopt, then realise you made a mistake and have to return him. It not only makes it sad for everyone concerned, depending on how long you kept him and how much training he received, he could be less adoptable to others looking for a young  puppy. He stays at the shelter longer, gets older, starts developing behaviour issues and the story may not end well. 

Joy was an old dog who deserved a home

Considering the older dog

  • You see his size, temperament, and even how much training he’s received.
  • By getting the dog from a rescue group or shelter with knowledgeable staff, they will help match you up with a dog to suit your lifestyle.
  • You want a dog, but aren’t sure you are able to devote the next 10+ years to one. An older dog could be the answer.
  • Having been abandoned or neglected, they are grateful for a loving home.
  • You can’t beat the feeling you get, knowing you gave a dog a second chance, and more than likely saved him from being killed in a shelter.
  • Older dogs generally have some kind of training, they just might need a refresher. It’s unlikely they have severe behaviour problems as most shelters would have killed them quite quickly. Harsh but true.
  • If you have an active lifestyle, there are plenty of high energy old dogs ready for a hike, canoe ride… 
  • Many have mellowed so if you prefer a lower energy dog who prefers short walks and cuddles on the couch, a senior dog may be your new best friend. 
  • Adopting an old dog shows and teaches compassion, and that life has value no matter the age.
  • You won’t be supporting the cruel puppy mill industry by getting a puppy from a pet store, or backyard breeder.

senior dogs deserve a home

As someone who wants nothing more than to rescue seniors, I have had my share of sorrow from losing them all too soon.What comforts me, and allows me to keep doing what I do, is knowing that dog did not die alone, and someone loved him, or her, in the end.

Have you adopted a senior dog? What were your reasons and what would you say to encourage others to do the same? Leave your comments in the section below or on my Facebook page.  

Old Dogs Deserve Homes Too
Hindy Pearson
Helping people care for their senior dogs
I am a certified dog trainer and pet care consultant, specialising in working with rescue dogs and first time pet parents. I foster and adopt senior and special needs dogs, and advocate for shelter adoption of all animals, particularly older dogs and cats. I am currently working on a spay/neuter program in Spain.

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12 thoughts on “Old Dogs Deserve Homes Too

  1. Hi Hindy,
    It was quite a sad read on here about how older dogs, or dogs in general, are being treated in shelters. They’re being neglected and not getting the proper care that they need such as being malnourished. I once had a dog not too long ago where at one point where me and my family got him as a puppy and gave the proper care that he needs such as walks and playing ball. However, as time went on, everyone seemed busy and I was the only one with enough time to spend with him to give him the proper care that he needs. This seemed unfair. So, after about 4 years, we had to let him go. It was sad, but, after reading your page here, I might just look into getting an elder, more “mellow” type of dog.

    1. Hi Armand, Thanks for your comment. Although there are some wonderful shelters out there, full of kind and compassionate people who do whatever they can to find the animals in their care homes, there are far more shelters out there that kill most of the animals in their care. Thankfully that’s starting to change. At least you did what you thought was best, and hopefully he found a wonderful new home. Don’t forget, older dogs needs lots of attention too, so if you’re too busy…

  2. Thanks for this post. I admit I always find puppies cute, but the prospect of caring for them from when they are little until they grow old does worry me. And you’re right, senior dogs have much better appreciation and are much easier to train than puppies. With puppies you will probably need the help of professional trainers. I have heard stories of people becoming best friends with senior dogs they rescued or adopted, and I would like to find myself such a companion too. Thanks again, keep up the great work! 🙂

    1. Hi Gin, Nice to read your comment. Who doesn’t find puppies cute? I think they’re adorable!! Puppies are a lot of work, more than many people realise. Older dogs are still work, perhaps in a different way. They still need lots of attention, walks, and just everyday care. Animals are wonderful companions, at any age.

  3. Hey there Hindy, You seem to have a grasp on animal care and obviously a love for animals and a concern for the older ones. If you can, explain to me why a 7 year old long-haired female well-fed chihuahua would eat its own stool?

    1. Hi Elliedan, thanks for your question. Eating poop is called Coprophagia, and there are theories that the dog is missing something in her diet, or to replenish enzymes, but the truth is no one really knows the exact reason. It’s just something dogs do, and they may enjoy it to the point it becomes a hard to break habit. If the Chihuahua is just eating her own poop, make sure you (or whoever has the dog) picks up right away. Hope this helps, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

  4. I know some people will say that there only dogs. Get rid of them when their too old.

    I agree that when a dog is up to the point that he’s suffering maybe it would be time to do something. But I had to bring one recently – a dog from a relative who couldn’t take care of him – to the vet to get shot.

    He was doing its thing everywhere in the house and there was no way they could train him to do otherwise.

    I usually don’t cry easily. But my heart broke on my way to the vet knowing what was awaiting him. Because I knew the dog for a long time and got attached to it.

    So I agree with you here. Before getting a puppy, to make sure that you will do all yo can to keep him and not get rid of him after a few years. I don’t know if I would adopt an older dog. But why not. Great post!

    1. Hello Guy, I appreciate your comment, and glad you liked the post. I think people who believe they’re “only dogs” shouldn’t have dogs – no matter how old, or young they may be. I hope you don’t mean the vet literally shot the dog with a gun! Sadly animals are viewed by many as disposable, as easy to get rid of as a sweater they no longer want. A dog is for life, not just until he’s not considered “cute” anymore. I only hope these articles start getting people thinking about them differently.

  5. My neighbor has two rescue dogs that get along with everybody and each other. One is ten years old and the other is two. They are both wonderful loving dogs.

    1. Hello Ronn, thanks for commenting. I’m always so glad to hear a story about someone who rescues. If they live with wonderful people, why shouldn’t the dogs be wonderful as well?

  6. this is great i love animals and don’t like to see them suffer. what your doing is truly awesome!! all these animals deserve love and attention.

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