the natural path toward a springier step

The Natural Path Toward a Springier Step

As anyone fortunate enough to have a senior canine knows, these animals are in a class all their own, and, as such, warrant specialized care.  Much like their two-legged counterparts, senior dogs tend to develop age-related health challenges that may involve any or every body part, from mouth to gut to joint to bone to brain, and beyond.… Read full post

answering questions about kidney disease in dogs

6 Questions Answered About Kidney Disease in Dogs


To help you understand kidney disease in dogs, I have put together a list of 6 questions and answers I hope will give you some of the clarity you have been seeking.

Kidney disease in older dogs is very common, so it’s a good idea to learn as much as we can should we, or should I say our dog, ever be faced with it.… Read full post