how to care for a senior dog

13 Helpful Tips on How to Care For a Senior Dog

I can never write enough about how to care for a senior dog.

I hear about, and see too many people who, for some inexplicable reason, don’t seem to realise senior dogs need to be taken care of. Joints so painful their dog can’t walk should not be ignored because of their “my dog is old” attitude.… Read full post

are you struggling with how to care for an aging dog

Are You Struggling With How to Care For an Aging Dog? Let’s Chat


If you are struggling with how to care for an aging dog, it’s time you and I had a chat.

The passage of time, the challenges of getting older etc etc etc… We know all that, but what too many don’t know is…

Old dogs – Do not have one foot in the grave simply because they’re older Need to see the vet twice a year, if not more often Should not be left in pain because it’s considered a “natural part of aging” Still require proper nutrition Can exercise Require mental stimulation Can learn new tricks Need as much love as everybody else

Deserve loving homes and not left to die alone in a shelter (this last line was a brief appearance on my soapbox, advocating for senior pet fostering and adoption)

Time to chat

In this guide to caring for an aging dog I will be covering the following topics:

A reminder of the joys of living with a senior dog Finding the right vet Signs of aging Senior dogs feeling the cold A senior dog friendly home  A comfortable place to lay his head Nutrition Health and wellness Oral hygiene and health Grooming Exercising your senior dog The importance of mental stimulation Mobility and other aids Saying goodbye A reminder of the joys of living with a senior dog

Overwhelmed with our dog’s health issues, struggles with having to say goodbye and the financial strain of high vet bills can all overshadow the pure joy of living with a senior dog.… Read full post