How I Care For Red Who Has Dog Dementia

If you have a dog with dementia like a do, you will find this post helpful. I had quite a struggle before Red was diagnosed (by me initially, then my vet agreed), and I know how tough it can be to handle, so I wrote this post all about how I care for my dog in the hopes it will help others. … Read full post
dementia in dogs

Dementia in Dogs

I can’t think of anything more rewarding than making the last years of a pet’s life the absolute best they can be. There are many issues that may need to be addressed as our pets age, including mobility, pain, changes in vision and hearing, cognition or senility, dental care, incontinence, cancer, and changes in appetite and nutritional needs.… Read full post

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Diagnosing Dementia in Dogs

I have put together a checklist that will help with diagnosing dementia in dogs. 

Many of the signs we attribute to “my dog is getting older and it’s normal” can actually be indicators that your dog is beginning to experience, or is already in an advanced state of, Canine Cognitive Disorder (CCD).… Read full post

dementia in dogs

Dementia in Older Dogs: A Holistic Approach to Treatment

It seems more and more of us are seeking alternative therapies for ourselves and our pets, so this post is about a holistic approach to the treatment of dementia in older dogs.

A word of caution –if you are interested in exploring supplements, I recommend you find a holistic vet, or a vet trained in alternative therapies.… Read full post

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All About Dementia in Dogs

Dementia, senility or Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) – whatever you call it, dementia in dogs does exist.

I know you’re not liking the sound of this right now, but if you have noticed definite changes in your dog’s behaviour, isn’t it better to know the reason? At least once you do, you can help.… Read full post