a holistic approach to treating arthritis in dogs

A Holistic Approach to Treating Arthritis in Dogs

I’m so fascinated by the holistic approach to veterinary medicine, I wanted to share an article about its’ use for treating arthritis in dogs. Why specifically arthritis you ask?

I’m interested in holistic medicine as it applies to the overall care of animals, not just a specific condition. I’m highlighting arthritis in this post because I have seen a few dogs lately that have it.… Read full post

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Alternative Treatments for Dogs With Arthritis

Many people prefer a more natural, holistic route to healthcare in their own lives, and that has quickly translated into wanting the same for their pets. Hence an increase in the number of people seeking out alternative treatments for dogs with arthritis.

As the popularity for more natural products in our lives grows, many “traditional” veterinary practices are starting to include alternative protocols.… Read full post