toys for blind dogs

Toys For Blind Dogs

Blindness should not stop your dog from playing, so in this post I’m going to be talking about toys for blind dogs.

I often use my senior dog Red and my life with her, as an example for many of my articles. Although she is blind, and has been since we adopted her almost 7 years ago, she doesn’t know how to play, and no amount of effort on my part has gotten her interested.… Read full post

How to care for a blind dog

How to Care For a Blind Dog

I have shared my life with two vision impaired pups, so when people ask me how to care for a blind dog the first thing I say is “like you would any other dog.” The next thing I say is….I wrote everything down in this post!!

UPDATED OCTOBER 20/18 – the love of my life, Red, gained her wings May 18, 2018

When you realise your dog is losing his sight or may have already lost it suddenly, there are a whole host of emotions you must have been, and are still feeling.… Read full post

Please help my dog is going blind

Please Help My Dog Is Going Blind


I understand the panic you must be feeling now that you suspect your dog is going blind. The first thing I recommend you do is make an appointment with an eye specialist, since typically your regular vet won’t have the experience or equipment to properly diagnose what’s going on. If you need a referral to see a specialist, explain to the vet staff why you feel the situation is urgent, and get things moving so no time is wasted. … Read full post

Everything you need to know about hearing loss in older dogs

Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Loss in Older Dogs

While hearing loss in older dogs is not uncommon, it certainly does not mean every senior dog will go deaf, or even suffer partial hearing loss. If you do suspect your dog is having trouble hearing don’t panic, just keep reading.

Would you be surprised to learn dogs are euthanised simply because they can’t hear well…or at all?… Read full post