Senior Dog Care Support Service

senior dog Dingy

I am passionate about senior dogs, I love them more than words can express, and caring for them does wonders for my soul. I’m proud of the resources and community I have created, in order to help anyone caring for an old dog.

I am excited to announce the launch of my “One on One Senior Dog Support Service.” In the over 2 years since I started my group Senior Dog Care Club, the 4 years since I started this website, and my own view of what support looks like, a one on one service is the natural next step.

While the tips and advice of others are invaluable, my “One on One Support Service” offers more.

  • A person to connect with experienced in senior dog care
  • A better way to offer help for those who prefer to communicate via the spoken word (something we seem to be forgetting!!)
  • A deeper connection can be made when there is human interaction
  • The focus of the conversation is entirely on you and your needs
  • Quicker to get the advice, tips or support you’re looking for in a conversation, than the furious typing back and forth on a keyboard
  • Questions or comments won’t be misinterpreted as they can be in print


How do we chat?

We use Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook video to connect. 


Each session is $30.00 and they last a maximum of 1 hour. 


You can reach me through this contact form  or by emailing

I look forward to connecting with you.





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