which dog toothbrush should I buy

Which Dog Toothbrush Should I Buy?

which dog toothbrush should I buy

Believe me, dental disease is something you’re going to want to avoid if at all possible, and a dog toothbrush is a great start.    

See your vet

Nothing wrong with buying a toothbrush right now (and don’t forget the toothpaste!), but I recommend you make an appointment to have your dog’s teeth checked by your vet. This way you’ll know where you stand in terms of what, if any medical intervention is required, and then you can make a plan.

Okay, here are some toothbrushes

Long handled toothbrushes resemble those we use for ourselves. Straight or curved handles, one head or two, large brushes, small brushes or both. 

Three sided toothbrushes are great for covering all parts of the tooth and gum.

A finger toothbrush that fits, well yes, over your finger, for greater control.

Even electric toothbrushes are available.

Click on the image and it will take you straight to where you can learn more information about the toothbrush, and purchase it if you wish. No pressure, it’s just that I’ve had too much experience with dogs that had dental issues, if I can help you avoid going down that road, I’ll be happy. 

My experience

Red makes it virtually impossible to brush her teeth. You can see in the above video how hard it is for my vet to even have a look in her mouth. She may only weight 10lbs but when she clamps those jaws, nothing is opening them. I imagine the fact she’s blind has something to do with it. I do have a long handled toothbrush with a big brush on one head, a small one on the other which is the perfect size for her mouth. It’s a serious struggle, and not a fun experience because of how stressed she gets. The one thing that is more manageable is wrapping a piece of gauze around my finger and rubbing her teeth with that. 

Which dog toothbrush should I buy  – conclusion

There really are a lot of styles to choose from, you may get lucky with the first one you buy, or it can be a case of trial and error. What’s important is that you start doing something in the way of caring for your dog’s teeth. So, which dog toothbrush will you buy?