About Caring for a Senior Dog

Caring for a Senior Dog is a one stop resource to help people take the best care they can of their senior dogs.


I’ve had the privilege of caring for two senior dogs over the years. I have dealt with the related health and quality life issues for my dogs with compassion, empathy and grace. I spare no expense consulting with the best specialists, have spent countless nights researching symptoms and remedies, have learned to adjust according to my dog’s specific needs, and want to share that information with you.

I’ve been involved in the world of pets, pet products, and pet brands for over 10 years and am a respected member of that community. I own two other blogs – one that has one several industry awards over the years – about Dachshunds, used to have a segment on KIRO radio where I discussed health and being active with your dog, and have been interviewed many times for articles and podcasts.

I look forward to using my knowledge and expertise to continue Hindy’s mission and legacy here.


I have a soft spot for old dogs, and they are the ones I foster and adopt. It turns out Red, the old dog I adopted 10 1/2 years ago, became more than my constant companion for 9 years, she was also my muse. She was the inspiration for this website.

I had the misfortune of meeting too many vets who didn’t have the most compassionate attitude towards senior dogs. I ask questions, a lot of them, and have no trouble leaving one vet to find another if I’m not happy with the care I receive.

I started wondering about the old dogs who lived with people who were more trusting than I am. Those who take every word a vet says seriously, and assumes they know everything. Or, who were looking for more ideas and solutions they just weren’t getting. Were dogs suffering because their humans didn’t know where else to turn to for advice?

That’s when CARING FOR A SENIOR DOG was born.

While I truly believe caring for an old dog is good for the soul, it can be difficult, frustrating, at times heart breaking and lonely. I didn’t know anyone else who had a senior dog, and I imagined that was probably true for many others. Where could we go to find people who “get it?”

Caring for a Senior Dog is a resource for parents of older dogs where they can find advice and support from people who have been through this experience before.