Help and advice on caring for your senior dog.

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Helpful tips and advice on caring for a senior dog

our sweet senior dog Josephine suffered from hearing loss in dogs

Everything You Need to Know About Hearing Loss in Dogs

<p>If your dog seems to be going deaf, then this post on everything you need to know about hearing loss in dogs is for you.</p>
<p>Before I continue let me introduce the sweetheart in the picture (the 4 legged one!) our deaf and blind dog Josephine. Her dad was her favourite person as you can tell.… <a href="https://caringforaseniordog.com/hearing-loss-in-senior-dogs-what-did-you-say" class="read-more">Read full post</a></p>

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2 Things You Must Know About Dog Ramps and Pet Stairs

<p><a href="https://caringforaseniordog.com/2-things-you-must-know-about-dog-stairs-and-ramps/pet-ramp" rel="attachment wp-att-3136"></a></p>
There are 2 things you must know about <a href="https://caringforaseniordog.com/the-single-most-important-thing-you-need-to-know-about-dog-ramps" target="_blank">dog ramps</a> and pet stairs and they are…
<p>I’ve piqued your curiosity haven’t I? Excellent!</p>
<p>As someone who lives with senior dogs and dogs so neglected they have no idea how to use stairs, I love these products and would never be without one or both.… <a href="https://caringforaseniordog.com/2-things-you-must-know-about-dog-stairs-and-ramps" class="read-more">Read full post</a></p>

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Hixixi Halloween bow ties for dogs and cats

Halloween Collars For Dogs

<p>If your dog refuses to wear a <a href="https://caringforaseniordog.com/halloween-costumes-for-dogs" target="_blank">costume</a>, no matter how many treats you bribe him with, stop stressing and check out these Halloween collars for dogs.</p>
<p>Jack has no interest in costumes, but since I love <a href="https://caringforaseniordog.com/keep-your-dog-safe-on-halloween" target="_blank">Halloween</a> and he has to wear a collar anyway…I thought I would look for other ways to get him in the holiday spirit.… <a href="https://caringforaseniordog.com/halloween-collars-for-dogs" class="read-more">Read full post</a></p>

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