Chanukah dog safety tips

Chanukah Dog Safety Tips


Happy Chanukah everyone…my favourite holiday!

Burning candles for eight nights, torn wrapping paper, discarded ribbon, dreidels spinning across the floor, jelly donuts, fried potato latkes with onions and chocolates in foil. Wow, that’s a lot of hazards and what the heck is Chanukah?

Let me first say, I used “dogs” in the title simply because this is a dog site, but these tips are helpful for all pets we share our homes and lives with.… Read full post

christmas tree

Christmas Pet Safety Tips


Extra care needs to be taken of our pets at holiday time, so read on for my best Christmas pet safety tips. 

Just because certain family members sport fur, feathers or even scales, and may have more legs than we do, does not mean they shouldn’t be able to join in the festivities of the holiday season.… Read full post