zahara memorial urn necklace

Wearable Pet Urns


Did you just say wearable pet urns?

You heard, or should I say read, correctly. I recently wrote about pet urns, and I know what a tough topic it is to think about. For those of us who like to keep our pets with us, we don’t have much choice I’m afraid.

Wearable pet urns

I wanted to highlight another way to keep your pet close and that’s with wearable pet urns – necklaces with space for a small amount of your pets’ ashes.

Have you heard of this before? Not sure what to think? It may take a bit of time to wrap your head around this concept, so keep reading and see how you feel.

From ashes to diamonds 

When I got back the cremains of my first cat I received a leaflet, offering me the chance to turn some of her ashes into a diamond. I was so stunned I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Not only did I have no idea it could be done, I was still grief stricken and thought it a bit cold. Anyway, after seeing that, a wearable pet urn didn’t surprise me. In fact, I can understand the appeal.

A lovely keepsake

When my cat Calypso died, I was beyond devastated. I couldn’t go to work for three days, I just stayed in bed and cried. The only thing that got me up was a trip we had booked, that I had to go on. When we got to our destination, everywhere I turned I saw the name Calypso, and it’s not a common name or word is it?

Because I didn’t know what to do with my grief, I thought I would engrave her name on a heart charm I had found. The mere thought of it was a comfort, and surprisingly (or not!) wearing it made me feel better, and I continued to wear it for quite some time. That’s why I can see how keeping a small amount of ashes with you can bring you comfort, and if it helps then by all means.

Enough talk, it’s time for show


With Me Always Urn Necklace 

wearable pet urns

Blue is one of my favourite colours, no wonder I was instantly attracted. This stunning blue etched rhinestone necklace will not only allow you to keep your pet close to you, it’s a beautiful piece of jewellery.

The screw top is secure, so you’ll have peace of mind while wearing it, and it comes with a 20” chain, funnel, pick and velvet bag. This piece measures 1 ¼” tall with screw top bail, 7/8” wide and ¼” deep.

Zahara 4 Paw Heart Pendant and Chain Urn 

Zahara pet memorial urn necklace

I’m a silver jewellery kind of girl, and with the nasty habit of turning jewellery green (something in my blood I guess), the fact that it’s 100% nickel-free stainless steel is perfect. The beautiful heart shaped pendant with paw prints is sweet and dainty. Complete with a 20” rolo chain, funnel, toothpick, full instructions, a velvet bag and condolence card, it makes a wonderful and heartfelt gift.

Minimalist Bar Urn Pendant 

minimalist bar urn pendant

This stunning and elegant urn is made entirely of stainless steel, so it will not fade, tarnish, rust or stain. A rhinestone is a beautiful added touch to this necklace that will match anything in your wardrobe.

The bar pendant is 1.75″ long, the chain 18″ and the CZ diameter is 3mm. It arrives gift wrapped in a beautiful navy velvet box.  

My Fur Angel Stainless Steel Urn Necklace

charmed craft pet paws necklace urn

This gorgeous 20” stainless steel memorial urn necklace really speaks for itself. Paw prints and a heartfelt sentiment complete the look.  

Pet Memorial Jewelry Paw Print Urn Pendant 

pet memorial jewelry urn

This stainless steel pendant and chain (available in 6 different styles by the way), is perfect for keeping a loved one close. The secure screw on top means the contents are safe, and should you choose to permanently close it, a drop of glue is all you need. Leave as is, or engrave the name or initials of your pet for an even more personal keepsake.

Zahara Aquamarine Angel Heart Memorial Urn Necklace 

zahara memorial urn necklace

This stunning Aquamarine urn pendant and chain, are 100% nickel-free stainless steel. Included are a 20” rolo chain, funnel, toothpick, instructions, velvet bag and condolence card. It’s engravable which is a nice added touch.

Celtic Tree of Life Urn Necklace 

celtric tree of life memorial urn necklace

A beautiful piece of memorial jewellery, combined with the symbolism of the tree of life. The versatility of the design means it will look great with any ensemble, you never have to take it off! Made of stainless steel, it comes with a 20” snake chain and funnel fill kit. Just unscrew the top, fill it, and screw it back on and your ashes are safe. Seal permanently with a drop of glue.

Wearable pet urns – conclusion

You may have been a bit stunned when you first landed here, but now that you’ve reached this point, what do you think?

After the loss of a pet, we each find our own way of coping. If wearable pet urns sounds like something that will give you comfort, then isn’t it worth a try?  


pet urns

Pet Urns

pet urns

I know any conversation relating to the loss of a pet is a tough one to have, and talking about pet urns doesn’t make it any easier.

I will never forget the first time I had to say goodbye to a pet. Her name was Calypso, and she was 3 weeks old when I found her in a pile of garbage on my way home from work. I had her until her kidneys failed at the age of 17.

When the vet came in after taking tests, and told me there was nothing to be done, I went hysterical. Seeing that piece of paper you have to sign, giving them permission to end your beloved pet’s life is almost unbearable.

I was overwhelmed when asked what I wanted to do (cremation, did I want the ashes back…), my head was spinning. I had never been faced with anything like this and I was totally unprepared.

Of course I knew I would want her back with me, and then I was given a sheet with pictures of urns. I had no clue what I was looking at, how much anything costs (it’s surreal talking money), or what to choose. I pointed to something and that was that.

It turned out to be a lovely cherry wood coloured wicker box, and it was nice enough to sit on my bedroom dresser.

How to choose

When I looked around at what was available (years later when I wasn’t in the depths of despair), I couldn’t get over how many styles and design options there were. How in the world do you choose?

Will you keep them with you?

If you’re having your pet cremated with the intention of burying or scattering ashes, there doesn’t seem to be much point in spending a lot of money. It’s up to you, obviously, but I wouldn’t.

There is something called a “scatter canister” (I don’t know if that’s the universal term for it) which are round tube shaped sturdy containers that you can use to scatter the ashes when you’re ready, or keep them forever. The ones I have are of a forest scene and they are quite nice.

I used to keep them on the bottom shelf of my tv stand, so they weren’t “in your face” or obvious to visitors what they were, but I could always see them so I felt like they were included.

Pride of place

If you’ll be holding on to the ashes, and you want them displayed in a prominent place, I’m guessing you’ll want the container to blend in with the room it will be kept in. Our tastes differ, but there is bound to be an urn you’ll love, that will look good wherever you’re intending to keep it.

Dogs and cats

I will obviously be highlighting urns for dogs, but all (except for one I believe) are also suited for cats. I will, however, feature a couple of cat-specific urns.

Pet urns

The Living Urn Planting System

living urn planting system for pets cremains

I find this fascinating, and certainly the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of such a thing.

It is a biodegradable urn and planting system, that transforms the cremated remains of your beloved pet into a beautiful enduring tree, plant or flowers.

You get the biodegradable urn and planting system, then you go to your local garden centre and choose the tree seedling, plant or flowers you’d like. Simply follow the instructions, and then watch the beautiful living memory grow from your pet’s cremated remains. Lovely!

AngelStar Pet Urn for Dogs

AngelStar pet urn for dogs

I think this cream coloured urn is gorgeous, with the touching words on the front, and paw prints on the top. It measures 5” high, with a 2”x3” area for a photograph of your pet. It has a very versatile design, and would fit in to most decors.  

Pet Memorial Box Urn 

pet memorial box urn

I love this because it’s more than just an urn. You can display a photograph of your pet, and also make a paw impression that can be added to the outside of the memorial box, next to the picture.  Everything you need to make the clay print is included, as well as a lovely poem and teal coloured paw print necklace. Your pet’s collar or ID tag can be added as a keepsake.

Engraved Series Pet Urn 

engraved pet urns

When I saw this I couldn’t help but think I Dream of Jeannie and Arabia, and personally I think it’s stunning. Beautifully etched and constructed of solid brass, it’s perfect for dogs, cats and other pets. Available in 5 colours and 3 sizes to accommodate pets up to 70lbs. 

Near & Dear Pet Memorials Box Pet Urn

memorial box pet urn

If you’re looking for something simple yet stunning, with a purpose that isn’t “obvious,” then have a closer look at this memorial box. Available in cherry or natural, it is made of medium density fibre board, and has a bottom sliding panel. It is perfect for pets to 15lbs.

Odyssey Series Pet Cremation Urns

odyssey series pet cremation urns

This beautiful brass urn is solid and heavy, with a lid that screws on easily. The pad at the bottom is a nice touch, protecting any surface from scratches. The edge of the lid can be engraved, as a tribute to your beloved companion. What I like about this is how unobtrusive it is sitting on a shelf. Nothing “in your face” about it. Suitable for pets up to 70lbs, it comes in 3 sizes and 5 different colours.

Photo Pet Memorial Urn

photo pet memorial box urn

If you love the look of wood, then this is for you. Simple but beautiful, it is available in oak or walnut, and horizontal or vertical styles. Being able to display a photo is important to many, which is another wonderful feature of this urn. The acrylic window slides out of the bottom so it’s easy to add a favourite photograph. I like the fact that it isn’t obvious that it’s an urn. Available in sizes medium and large, they can hold pets up to 120lbs.

Granite Garden Rock Urn

granite garden rock urn

Urns don’t only have to go inside the home do they? This granite garden rock, made of stone particles mixed with poly-resin, will protect your pet’s ashes while outside. If you spend more time outdoors than in, how beautiful to sit outside in the garden, and know your beloved pet is with you. It has an attached name plaque, with 2 lines of engraving and 20 characters per line included in the price. This urn holds pets up to 100lbs.

Onyx Pet Urn 

onyx pet urn

This onyx pet urn is stunning! Handcrafted, each urn blends natural banded Onyx shades of green, brown, honey and burgundy tones. These gemstone Onyx pet urns are richly polished, with the lid expertly handcrafted to allow the option to seal.

Perfect for cats, small dogs and other pets up to 14lbs, although other sizes by this manufacturer are offered. This rectangular urn is 5″L x 4″W x 2″H

Cat in Basket Pet Cremation Urn

cat in basket urn

While all (except one) of the above highlighted urns are suitable for cats, you may prefer something cat specific. I would. This hand painted cat in a basket in is crafted from cold cast resin, and I think there’s something very peaceful about this design. The urn opens by a bottom panel covered in felt to protect the surface of your furniture.

Hand-Engraved Egyptian Brass Cat Urn 

urn for cats

I love the Egyptian feel of this 100% brass, hand engraved and painted cat urn. It closes securely with a threaded lid and has a felt-lined base to protect surfaces from scratches. Appropriate for a cat weighing up to 25lbs.

Pet urns – conclusion

This really is a depressing topic, I know, but when we invite a pet into our home, we know this is part of the deal. Sad, but true nevertheless. I like to have my pets’ ashes with me, it makes me feel like they’re still part of the family.

Whether you choose to display your pets’ ashes in a prominent place or not, with the selection of pet urns available, I’m sure you’ll find something that will honour the memory of your pet and keep him or her resting comfortably.