Why Does My Dog Pee So Much

Why does my dog pee so much? I’ve asked that many times about the senior dogs I’ve had and the answer was always kidneys or diabetes, and most recently hormones.

There are many causes that can explain this, so let’s look at what they are.

An increase in exercise

More exercise = more water = more peeing.… Read full post


Why Does My Dog Ignore Me

Have you been walking around lately thinking “why does my dog ignore me?” Maybe you’re wondering if you’ve done something to piss him off, and he’s getting back at you. Maybe he’s just being bratty?

Bratty is possible, getting back at you…not.

Have you considered the possibility he can’t hear you?… Read full post

why does my dog have bad breath

Why Does My Dog Have Bad Breath

Why does my dog have bad breath you ask? I’m going to say it’s because you haven’t been brushing your dog’s teeth!!

From experience it seems many people believe bad breath is a normal thing, and why would you think of questioning something that’s normal? I know I wouldn’t!

The truth is, bad breath is nature’s way of telling you your dog is having some oral hygiene issues, which need to be addressed as soon as possible.… Read full post

why does my dog sleep so much

Why Does My Dog Sleep So Much

Have you recently started asking yourself the question – why does my dog sleep so much?

As dogs get older it is not unusual for sleep patterns to change or for them to sleep more. The question is what’s “normal” and what is caused by an underlying problem.

Is your dog sleeping or merely resting?… Read full post
why does my dog pant so much feature image

Why Does My Dog Pant So Much

A question many parents of senior dogs ask is “why does my dog pant so much?”

They realise panting is normal, but they aren’t sure if what they’re seeing in their dog is excessive, and if yes what it means.

Why dogs pant

Dogs don’t sweat like we do, so they pant in order to cool off and regulate body temperature.… Read full post

why does my dog drink so much water

Why Does My Dog Drink So Much Water


In this first post of my new series “Why Does My Dog…” I’m going to be addressing the often asked question, “why does my dog drink so much water?” Polydipsia

That is the medical term for excessive thirst, leading to drinking more water, and is one of the most common problems seen in veterinary medicine.… Read full post

why does my dog series

Welcome to the Why Does My Dog Series

Welcome to the launch of my new “why does my dog” series.

It’s very important for me to provide you, my valued readers, with the most helpful information I can, so your senior dog can have the absolute best life possible.

As a pet care consultant, dog trainer and champion of seniors, I am asked a lot of questions about older dogs and they always start with the words “why does my dog…” That’s when the idea of writing a series of posts, each one addressing a separate question was born.… Read full post