Confidence Deluxe Folding Four Wheel Pet Stroller Review

the pet stroller is a great mobility aid for senior dogs

The pet stroller Red uses is the Confidence deluxe folding four wheel pet stroller

The Confidence Deluxe Folding Four Wheel Pet Stroller is a great addition to any household with a dog weighing up to 20lbs. After carrying my dog Red around on family outings or trips to the vet for longer than I can remember, I decided it was time to stop breaking my back and look into getting a pet stroller. There are a lot of them to choose from, but one stood out for me – The Confidence Deluxe Pet Stroller.

I love it so much, and I know what a difference it can make to your dog’s quality of life, I had to share this with The confidence deluxe four wheel pet stroller is the one Red usesyou.

A quick mention – it’s available on Amazon Prime!

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Convenient front and rear entry

You want a stroller that’s easy to use, and that means hassle free when it comes to putting your dog in and taking him out. There are two ways to do that – at the top like a regular baby stroller, or through a rear panel that unzips. This second access point is super convenient if the sunshade is down and zipped up. It’s also handy if you’re pushing the stroller and want to hand your dog a drink or a treat. Just reach down, open the zipper then close it back up.


This pet stroller folds down in a second, and opens just as quickly and easily – no complicated manoeuvres required! Being lightweight means no problem lifting it into the trunk of your car. When not in use stow it away in a closet without sacrificing much space, or under a bed.  

A smooth ride

I use it on sidewalks and paved paths and Red seems very comfortable in it, no jostling around.

Features and specifications

  • Easy to assemble – less than 5 minutes and no tools required
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuver
  • Collapsible protective canopy
  • Mesh in the front, back, and on the sunshade for ventilation on warm days, and protection against bugs or flying insects
  • rear view of the Confidence Deluxe Four Wheel Pet Stroller rear viewGood size basket holds some shopping, extra sweater, leashes, treats, snacks…
  • Cushioned handlebar
  • Parent tray with 2 cup holders and larger section to hold phone, keys, treats…
  • A spongy insert for comfort
  • Safety tether to clip onto harness or collar
  • Foot locking rear wheels
  • Folds in seconds
  • Clasp on frame locks the stroller when closed
  • Holds up to a 20lb dog comfortably
  • Full dimension 32.3” x 17.7” x 38.2”
  • Enclosed size: 22″ x 13.4″ x 11″, Folded size: 32.7″ x 7.3″ x 15″, Handle bar height: 39.4″

Who can benefit from a pet stroller?

I have to say YOU because you no longer have to carry your dog around, and YOUR DOG because he gets to join you on more outings.  

Senior dogs, dogs with arthritis or joint problems that can’t walk as far as they used to. Bringing a stroller on your walks means she (or he) can walk as far as is comfortable, then hitch a ride the rest of the way. You don’t have to rush back home and your dog can still enjoy being outside.

A dog recovering from illness or surgery that may not be allowed to walk, other than a quick pee and poop. Putting him in the stroller gives him an opportunity to get out and about, see pals, get some fresh air and prevent boredom.  

Transporting puppies or kittens and you don’t want to have to carry a crate.

Many cat parents use a pet stroller.

Perfect for use on busy streets, festivals or taking the family for a fund day out. Small dogs can easily get stepped on, feel anxious in large crowds, or find dropped food on the ground that can make him sick. The stroller will keep him safe, and for that extra secure feeling close and zip the sunshade and create a cosy “den on the move.”

I’d like to share the benefits it has brought to our lives

The love of my life is a blind Chihuahua/Min Pin named Red. She is approximately 16 years old and an absolute joy. She can’t walk too far so we go for lots of short strolls. When I want to take her for longer outings or on day trips, I couldn’t do it without the pet stroller. Although she only weighs about 9 lbs, after 10 minutes she starts feeling more like 50! I’ve taken it on buses and trains, and it’s so easy because it’s lightweight and folds up in seconds.It makes me happy knowing I can include Red in more activities because of it.

Although I originally bought the dog stroller for her, it turns out it had another use I never could have anticipated.

We have another dog named Jack and one day last year, within the space of a few hours, his back legs became paralysed. Long story short, he had spinal surgery and months of recovery. He was only allowed out a couple of Jack at the vets office in a pet strollerminutes at a time to begin with, so with his neurologist’s approval, I would take him out and about in the stroller so he wouldn’t get depressed stuck in his crate all day every day.

There’s room enough for my two dogs (9lbs & 10lbs) to sit, but not lie down. That’s okay because Jack only spends a few minutes in it if he needs a rest after running around, or we’re in a crowd and he might get hurt.

Some things to consider

I don’t believe they are deal breakers but I do think they are important for you to be aware of.

The cup holders are deep enough for cups and small bottles, but not larger ones. I’m not too bothered because I put it in the basket underneath, or in the folds of the sunshade if I want easy access.

If you’re standing behind the stroller and you reach over the handlebars to put something into the stroller, or to pet your dog, hold onto the stroller or your body will tip it backwards. I know that from personal experience but thankfully Red was fine. In the years I’ve had it, it is not something that has ever happened on its’ own, only the one time when I caused it. Now I just go to the side of the stroller and do what I have to do.

A little bumpy over non smooth surfaces like a pebbled path, so I stick to paved sidewalks and paths.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 297 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded this Confidence Deluxe Pet Stroller 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

“I take my 17 lb shih tzu everywhere in this! I absolutely love it. I’ll be taking her to Europe next year with this stroller. It is a life saver on hot days or when my dog is too tired to keep walking. It’s very sturdy, lightweight, the brakes lock well and collapses for easy storage. Buy it!

“I love this. I put both my small babies in it one 5lbs one 7lbs and a dog bed. Sturdy yet very lightweight, easy to open and close. Get so many compliments.”  

“Wow! Impressive. This stroller has features that much more expensive strollers don’t even have. Such as the tray on the handle which will hold 2 bottles of water/pop and a tray for keys/cell phone/etc., and the basket underneath which is roomy enough to hold my iPad, supplies, whatever. The stroller zips/unzips easily, is roomy, has a pad (although I have added a baby blanket for additional comfort) and a strap to hook collars/harnesses. If you are looking for a high quality, well featured stroller, then this is the stroller for you!”

Buy now at >>>


As far as I’m concerned, the pet stroller is one of the all time greatest inventions. Not only are they a great help to us as pet parents, but it means our dogs can accompany us more than they might have been able to otherwise. I have had the Confidence Deluxe Foldable Pet Stroller for over 2 years now, and I honestly can say I don’t know how I managed without it.

I highly recommend this product.


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Confidence Deluxe Folding Four Wheel Pet Stroller Review

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64 thoughts on “Confidence Deluxe Folding Four Wheel Pet Stroller Review

  1. hi there!
    Thank you for your Confidence deluxe pet stroller review! This is a stylish stroller for sure! Any dog would be happy to stroll in that 🙂 And any owner who then does not have to carry their dog would be happy too! I think it is a small price to pay to increase yours and your dog quality of life. A friend of mine has a senior dog but the dog is quite bigger. Do they sell strollers for larger and heavier dogs?

    1. Hi Emily, thank you for your comment. They’re typically for smaller dogs, but there are wagons and other types of strollers for bigger dogs. I will be discussing other options in upcoming reviews.

  2. I like the idea of being able to take your dog with you. It would be great if there were something for bigger dogs. I’ve got an aging rottweiler. Most of the time we leave her because she can’t do all the walking when we go to parks or music festivals. I’m looking forward to your next post when you review products for bigger dogs.

    1. Hi Rawl, Rottweilers are such beautiful looking dogs! It does feel much better when you can bring your dog along, if you’re in a position to do so. I just saw someone today pulling a huge cart, with a really big older dog in it. I’m going to do some research and write/review alternatives for big dogs. Stay tuned!!

  3. This is a wonderful site, Hindy. I don’t have a pet but one of my neighbors has an elderly dog who loves to go for a walk in her stroller! I’m not sure what brand it looks just like yours. What a terrific invention.

    1. Thanks very much Cheryl, I appreciate your kind words. It’s nice to know your neighbour’s dog is able to get out and enjoy. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve come across, who have never seen a dog stroller before. Many comment on how helpful it would be for their pet. It definitely is a great invention.

  4. Thanks Hindy, for the awesome information! I have a friend who loves to do these kinds of things with her dog. She was honestly surprised to find that she had never heard of this product!

    Thanks again!

  5. I honestly never knew you could get a stroller for your dog!

    I have three dogs with the eldest going on four so a few years before she will need one but i will certainly look into it when the time comes to make her more comfortable. No doubt her two pups we have will also want to jump in too.

    What a great idea.

    1. Hi Lee, based on the looks and comments we get when out with Red, I would say most people didn’t know either. They are definitely a great idea, now a senior dog doesn’t have to get left behind on long walks.

  6. Very detailed and informative (I don’t mean to sound cliche), US pet owners can get quite envious (seeing that this is a UK website). The information gives readers full insight on the item being promoted, which gives them confidence in purchasing the item.

    1. Hi, so glad you found the review informative. I wouldn’t say it’s a UK website, I’m from North America, I just happen to live in the UK, but the information is applicable to all who share their lives with senior dogs. I do hope they feel confident in the product, based on my experience.

  7. This is such a good review for the Confidence Deluxe Four Wheel Pet Stroller. This stroller looks great – the elderly dog can still get their fresh air and enjoy the outdoors even if they aren’t able to walk far. That will make all the difference to the quality of the dog’s life!

    Your site is really looking great. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Hannah, thanks for your comment, and so glad you like the site. It’s a work in progress… I wish I had known about dog strollers years ago, they’re such a wonderful way to include a senior dog in activities they couldn’t have participated in before.

  8. I love my stroller and my little dog does too! The only complaint I have is the fact the wheels are made of plastic. Can we purchase replacement wheels? Can we possible purchase rubber wheels to replace the plastic ones ? My little dog cries now to go for walks and it is making me be more accountable for my exercise walks.

    1. Some wheels are made of rubber, it all depends on the type of stroller. Replacement wheels are often available, so my advice is to contact the store you bought it and the manufacturer. You could also possibly replace them with a better quality from another stroller, you would have to make sure the sizes and hardware match. Ask the manufacturer what they recommend as they would be in the best position to offer advice about their products. So glad your little one loves it, the stroller is the best purchase I’ve made for my older dog.

  9. Thank you for posting such a detailed review! I was wondering if you might be able to answer 2 questions for me. Is the top handle bar made of rubber or foam? If it is made of rubber, is the rubber smooth throughout, or does it have ridges throughout the rubber?

    1. Thanks Betty and thanks for writing in. The handle is made of rubber and it has slight horizontal ridges. It’s comfortable to hold onto and your hands don’t slip if they’re wet. Are you thinking of buying one for your dog?

  10. Having a pet stroller is brilliant for so many fantastic reasons, as you have shown. I think mentioning it helps with boredom to be so true. We often forget that our pets need to visit friends and keep with the daily gossip!

    1. Funny you mention daily gossip. Jack really is a busybody. If a neighbour’s door is open he’s right in there, when we go to the local pub (I don’t drink I take him to see his friends), he sits on top of the picnic table and watches what’s going on. When he was paralysed last year and sentenced to crate rest, the stroller was an amazing way for him to get his daily dose of gossip, without risking boredom or developing any behaviour problems as a result.

  11. I like the features this stroller has and it’s price. It has some features even the more expensive pet strollers don’t like the cup holder, tray etc. Thank you for sharing your experience. Senior dogs with severe arthritis can really benefit from this!

    1. It’s a great stroller and I love that while it’s perfect for dogs with arthritis, there are tons of other uses as well. They include bringing small and medium sized dogs to festivals, if you live in a crazy busy city you can use the stroller to get them safely to a quieter area for a walk, get them out into the fresh air while recovering from surgery… The list is endless!!

  12. This is fabulous timing – as we have a little pup with IVDD and because of this we are looking for a good quality stroller! You’re review is so very helpful and has given me a lot to think about. I really like the available options in this one – we will check it out. Thank you!

    1. Glad to hear that Rebecca. I did reviews of other strollers as well, you can find in the product review category on my website Caring For a Senior Dog. I don’t know what I did without one so long. Let me know which one you decide on.

  13. YES! I have this one and I love it! It’s perfect for outings to the stores (pet friendly) when you need them contained. I love the places you can put your purse or even a drink. 🙂

  14. It looks very comfortable. The first stroller I’ve used didn’t enclose quite all the way so Mr. N was constantly trying to escape! He doesn’t need one regularly but I use them for big events occasionally.

  15. Not sure if Babu would like being in a stroller but maybe when he is even older, like after a few years, we can give this a try. I have seen many cats and smaller dogs in strollers though, they look adorable!

    1. A pet stroller is a wonderful product to have if you share your life with a dog. Most dogs are quite happy to ride in it, but if yours is not one of them, there are ways to train him to get used to being in one. It has helped my dogs in so many ways, I’d never be without one.

  16. Pet strollers are such a great invention for smaller pets, especially for smaller older pets. I’m glad you were able to find something that makes life and outings a little more enjoyable for you and your pup!

    1. They really are the best invention, but they aren’t only for small dogs. There are strollers that can hold dogs up to 80-90lbs. I know some advertise even bigger than that, but I can’t speak to whether or not that’s just advertising or reality.

  17. I’ve never used a pet stroller as my dogs are over 70 pounds apiece! But I used to have a 23 pound Maine coon mix and I would have loved to have this for him rather than a carrier. As a mother of three I know first hand the benefits of a good stroller!

    1. Definitely sounds like it would have come in handy for your cat. I find carriers very awkward, unless they’re on wheels. I have seen strollers that hold dogs heavier than yours, and if you do get one I must see a picture. How cute to see big dogs in a pet stroller!!

  18. Such a thorough and detailed product review! Thanks for sharing your personal story about how the stroller helped Jack through a difficult time. What a great pet parent you are!

  19. I think this is the same stroller that I bought for my adventure crew right before the BlogPaws Conference this year! I love it! I needed one because my cat adventure crew grew from 2 cats to 3, and keeping up with 3 cats on a leash is sometimes too much to manage. I needed somewhere that I could put the 3 of them and push them around while at the conference. It was perfect, and big enough that the 3 of them fit comfortably. Glad you and Red are enjoying it too!

    1. It is a great stroller isn’t it!! I love that you’ve added another cat to your crew, and they actually traveled to the conference!! Amazing they sat nicely in a stroller without trying to escape. I have never had a cat I could do that with – they would have been gone. Must have been fun to have them with you.

  20. This looks like such a great stroller! I’m glad it’s helping Red get around comfortably. You take such amazing care of her.

  21. What a fantastic review! With ginormous mastiffs who are over 25 lbs at 8 weeks old, this isn’t an option for me, but I would ABSOLUTELY get one if I had a tiny dog. Socialization is just too important to me to force a dog to stay home if he otherwise could be out and about. We did put our mastiff puppy, Sulley, in our Chariot pulled behind my husband’s bike a couple times on our way to an ice cream shop. He was only able to make that trip a couple times before he got too big, but it was fun for him while it lasted.

    1. Oh Stephanie your dog must be gorgeous!! They do have strollers for bigger dogs, but definitely not mastiff size!! Oh I bet Sulley had a great time on his way to the ice cream shop. I hope you took lots of pictures of him in the bike trailer.

  22. This is such a nice stroller, what a great convenience! I’ve been seeing a lot more pets in strollers out there and I think it’s wonderful. It’s so great that dogs like Red don’t ever have to be left behind when the family goes on fun adventures!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. No I don’t mention prices because they tend to change, then readers will contact me telling me it’s a different price from the one I quoted. Did you have anything else to say about the stroller?

  23. Thanks for the honest review. I’ve thought about purchasing a stroller if I ever begin traveling with my girls.

  24. Thank you for this comprehensive and thoughtful review. I especially appreciate your point about using a stroller post-surgery. While people can keep pets in a carrier, that’s a bumpy experience. And after surgery, riding smoothly home is preferable in my book.

    1. So glad you enjoyed it Irene and I agree with you, a carrier is so awkward and bumpy, definitely not appropriate for a dog that had spinal surgery. Jack would have been so depressed lying in a crate all day, without having the chance to get out and see friends in his stroller. Everyone made such a fuss of him he didn’t mind being wheeled around!!

  25. I need a stroller but they are so expensive here. I might get one when I visit the US next year (I am hoping!)

  26. I’m sure it’s a great idea for many dogs. But I imagine trying to put Cookie in this and then I have to laugh. 😉 Not seeing that happening. Maybe could use it as a frisbee for her LOL

    1. I never would have believed Jack would sit in it, but not only did it help when he was paralysed, if we’re out and he’s tired from walking and running, he’ll ask to get in for a lift. You may be surprised!! Or the frisbee idea is good too!!

  27. This looks like an excellent stroller- light, practical, stylish and convenient. Kilo is afraid when out and also gets very hot so longer term I want to introduce him to one- he is only 5 now and quite fit and healthy thank goodness. So far he refuses to sit in one and asks to be carried in parks or at events but I am sure treats will help.

  28. I think pet strollers are extremely versatile for people with smaller dogs and cats. I gave one to my sister and her Pomeranian loves it! There are so many times that it comes in handy, especially for running errands.

  29. I bought one a while back for the Poodle Pair, but haven’t tried it out yet. April gets very scared around people she doesn’t know, thought this would be a good way to get her out for events, and still feel safe. Have you had any problems with your dog trying to get out of the stroller?

    1. Hi Karen, Jack did try it once, but that’s because he got his second wind and was ready to walk. If April is that fearful I would get her used to the stroller slowly, and in a quiet area. I recommend putting a harness on her even if she doesn’t normally wear one, attach a leash to it and hold onto it while she’s in the stroller. There is also a tether on the inside of the stroller, that I would attach to her collar for extra safety. Once she’s used to riding around in quiet areas, try busier streets or parks. Closing and zipping the sun roof will give her extra security which might help. I’m curious to know how she manages, so feel free to update me and send a picture of her happily riding around!!

  30. Very detailed review! I wish I had found this a few months ago when we were stroller shopping. I ended up lucking out and finding a Pet Gear one on Craigslist for only $25! It was a steal!

  31. This is a really helpful post. Thank you for being so thorough. Now that Bean is getting a little older (she’ll be 8 in a couple weeks), I’m starting to notice she looks uncomfortable after long walks. We’ve been adding supplements to help with mobility but should she need help getting around, a stroller like this would be helpful, especially at events.

    1. Thanks Bryn. A pet stroller will definitely be a huge help on her outings. She can walk as much as she’s able, then hop in when she needs a rest. A definite help at events where crowds of people can be a little scary, not to mention the chance of a smaller dog getting stepped on, and of course the “delicious” food they’ll find on the ground.

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