Dog Memorial jewelry

dog memorial jewelry

I think dog memorial jewelry is a beautiful way to honour the memory of a much loved companion. The other day I was doing a search for something unrelated, and came across a necklace with a beautiful inscription “A piece of my heart lives in heaven.” I was inspired to tell my story about how a piece of jewelry helped me.  

If you are interested in recommendations for other ways to pay tribute, here are several pet memorial ideas.

A tribute to Calypso

Many years ago while living in Israel I was walking home from work one day, and when I looked down I noticed a tiny little kitten in the middle of some garbage. Without a second, or even first thought I picked her up and brought her home. She was so cute and so tiny she easily fit into my hand. Let’s not even talk about how swollen half her face was.

Long story short I named her Calypso (okay not me I’m terrible at naming animals, it was my roommate at the time) and she was the love of my life for 17 years. I was particularly in love with her because she had been so pathetic when I found her (yes I love the underdog!), was feral, hissed at everybody, petrified of everything and only came to me.

She was the first animal I ever had to say goodbye to and her loss was devastating. It’s been 12 years yet I remember it like it was yesterday. I even remember what I wore! Did I mention it was also my birthday!

I stayed home from work for two days and did nothing but lay in bed and cry. I would have been home longer but my husband and I had planned a trip, and he strongly recommended I drag myself onto the plane. We were only gone 3 days, but I was miserable the entire time.  

One day while out exploring, we passed a watch counter and the name on one of the straps was Calypso. I felt like someone knocked me down, I mean what are the chances of that! Then I saw the name again later on and while it made me cry, I considered it a sign. I decided I need to put her name on something, but wasn’t quite sure on what.

While I was in Toronto during one of my visits I found a silver bracelet on the street with a heart dangling from it. I couldn’t find the owner so I kept it. Yes I felt guilty but it didn’t make sense to throw it out. Anyway, I decided to engrave her name on that heart and I wore it on a chain for years. You wouldn’t believe how much better it made feel, knowing I had her close to me. I had her cremains in an urn, but it wasn’t the same.

Ashes keepsake

A few years ago my beautiful Saffy was killed by an incompetent vet. I cry too much when I talk about her, but you can read her story here. Her death devastated me, and still does, and although I have her cremains as well I believe having her close to me will help, so I bought a beautiful keepsake necklace that holds a small amount of ashes.

Which brings me to this post

Too many people I know have been saying goodbye to their dogs recently. They have spent weeks, months and even years of their lives caring for their elderly sick companions, and now that they’re gone they are grief stricken.

I realise a piece of jewelry won’t magically fix anything, but I believe finding a way to pay tribute to that pet does help…and so does wearing a message of love. At least it did for me.

Dog remembrance jewelry

Whether you’re looking for a way to memorialize your beloved pet, or you know someone who would be helped by such a thoughtful gift, you’re bound to find the perfect item.

Urn necklaces

Dog memorial bracelets

Pet memorial keychains


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  1. Dorothy “FiveSibesMom”

    I love the idea of memorial jewelry. My daughter gifted me with a bracelet for my mother and Husky Gibson who passed one month of each other. It is such a beautiful and special ouece that does brong me comfort when I wear it. I also have a special Husky locket with Gibson’s initial. Both such lovely pieces. You have some wonderful suggestions here, Hindy.

    1. Hindy Pearson (Post author)

      Thanks Dorothy. It is incredible to think how wearing a piece of jewellery with a name engraved or some issues can give us comfort when we need it the most. It was very thoughtful of your daughter, and I’m glad it helped!


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