Petcube Interactive Wi Fi Pet Camera: Review

Petcube interactive wi fi pet camera

Petcube Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera

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Specifications: plugs into the mains; uses Wi-Fi; 3.8” x 3.9” x 3.9”; weighs 2.2lbs; Petcube, US plug power adapter, power cord and quick start guide

My rating: 9/10


  • HD video monitor with speaker
  • Wide 138° lens
  • 2 way audio allows you to talk and listen 
  • Built in laser so you can play remotely 
  • Customized share access for those with no cube
  • Take and share pictures and videos
  • Social media site for meeting other pet lovers 
  • iOS and Android (4.0 or greater) compatible
  • Attractive design made of brushed aluminium so should fit in with most decors

Product Overview


Petcube Interactive Wi Fi Pet Camera for the home


Petcube is an app based interactive pet camera that lets you watch, talk to and play with your pets from your smartphone, or tablet, when you’re out. Did I say play? That’s right, the interactive laser means you can play with your animals even if you’re not home. Simply drag your finger across your screen to move the beam around, it’s that simple!

I love this laser feature simply because it’s a clever way to prevent your pet from getting bored, or to distract him/her from getting into a bit of mischief.  

Imagine you see your dog is about to urine mark, or your cat about to throw the glass off the table! The 2 way audio will stop them in their tracks! 

For those of you who love showing off your pets, the social media feature allows you to take pictures and videos, then share with pet lovers from all over the world.  

Check your watch to check up on your pets with the app for the Apple Watch.

This is incredible!! The “Petcube for Shelters” program lets users connect to publicly shared Petcube Cameras and play with pets up for adoption.

What makes it important to me?

I have a senior dog named Red, and although she’s doing well, she has some issues. During one particularly rough patch I would worry if I had to leave her, even for a short time. Having the Petcube means I can check in and see she’s resting comfortably.

What it can do for you!

Did you just hire a new pet sitter and you want to check up on them? Hey, no judgement I would do the same!!

If your pet is recovering from surgery or an injury, you can keep an eye on how he’s doing.

If you just miss them and want to see how they’re doing.

Do you have a new puppy and worried how he’s adjusting to the crate?

Have neighbours mentioned they hear a lot of barking when you’re out? Use the Petcube to see if he/she is suffering from separation anxiety. If you have concerns, you can start addressing them immediately. 


  • No time limit on how long you can view the live feed
  • The two way audio is a real crowd pleaser, because users like to be able to say hi to their pets, and calm them down if they’re a bit rowdy
  • The app works well on several devices, and love that it works on an Apple Watch
  • You can allow others to see and interact with your pets
  • Fun to meet pet lovers from around the world and share pics and videos
  • You can see and play with shelter pets, giving them some extra attention, or find your next friend!


Except for the price being a bit steep, I don’t have any issues, I think it’s a wonderful device and I highly recommend it.

I did do some research to see what other owners were saying,  and decided to include some of their concerns. You’ll also note my comments to their negative feedback.

Feedback from owners

Some owners complained the Petcube did not perform certain functions. However it wasn’t because the unit was faulty, it was because the functions don’t exist, and never claimed to.

Some found the laser difficult to see, but as those of us who have used lasers with our pets, we know a lot has to do with what’s on the floor or walls. There was no mention if their pets had a hard time seeing it, or weren’t interested. Not every animal will want to chase a moving light.

There is no night mode for people to check on their pets in the evening. How many people leave their homes in total darkness? If you have enough lights on, you should still be able to see what’s going on.


For the times when you are not able to physically be with your pets, the Petcube Interactive WI-FI Pet Camera is the next best thing. Being able to see them, speak to them and even have a play session will give you tremendous peace of mind, and help with how much you’re missing them! As pet guardians we always want the best, and this is just one more way to ensure our furry family members are safe and well.

Where to buy


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  1. Michael

    Thank you for review! I have been on the lookout for something like this but the prices are pretty big to order just to be disappointed. I absolutely love the laser idea in this one, can totally see myself playing with my dog during lunch break at work 😀

    1. Hindy Pearson (Post author)

      You’re welcome Michael! I know these devices can be quite pricey but how cool to play with your pets when you’re not around. Tons of users have been loving it, and of course the ability to check up on senior pets when you can’t be home is the best part for me.


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