Toothbrushes For Small Dogs

toothbrushes for small dogs

Good oral hygiene can literally save your dog’s life, so in this post I’m going to be showing you some examples of toothbrushes for small dogs.

Dog dental care is such an important issue, not enough can be written about it. It is important not only in terms of oral hygiene, but as a way to prevent serious illness. The more often you can brush senior dog dental careyour dog’s teeth the better, but if your dog has other plans, doing something is better than doing nothing. On the days when brushing isn’t happening, try an oral spray, tooth gel, dental chew or toy. 

By all means get your dog a toothbrush, but if it’s been awhile since you’ve had your dog’s teeth checked, I recommend making an appointment with your vet as soon as you can. It’s important to have a clear picture of your dog’s oral health, and whether or not medical intervention is required. Leaving dental issues unresolved can lead to bigger problems down the road. 

In order to help get you set up and brushing your dog’s teeth as soon as possible, I have included links that will allow you to buy the products right away. No pressure here folks, but if you can prevent your dog from having to undergo dental surgery, I wouldn’t waste too much time getting started caring for your dog’s teeth.

Types of toothbrushes

There are a variety of styles to choose from, depending on what your dog will be okay with. Some dogs are agreeable from the get go, others need some encouragement. It’s quite possible finding a toothbrush your dog accepts will be a case of trial and error. There are those with long handles, 3 sides, electric and even ones that fit over your finger. 

Long handled


Micha pet toothbrush for small dogs

Long handled toothbrushes that resemble those we use for ourselves, are one option. There are straight and curved handles, some with one brush, others with a brush on either end – one large and one small.


3 sided toothbrush for small dogs

Three sided toothbrushes cover all parts of the tooth and gum.


electric toothbrush for small dogs

Even electric toothbrushes are available.

Finger brush

Emours finger toothbrush for small dogs

A finger toothbrush that fits, well yes, over your finger, for greater control.

My experience

I can’t get any type of brush near Red’s mouth. She’s only little, but when she clamps those jaws, nothing is opening them, not even my vet. I used to be able to, with a struggle, brush them but not lately. It may have something to do with her dementia, but whatever the reason for her change in attitude, it has been a challenge. I have started using gauze wrapped around my finger, and she tolerates it so I’m considering that a victory.

Toothbrushes for small dogs  – conclusion

How do you brush your dog’s teeth? If you haven’t been taking dental health into consideration, I’m not going to lie, many of us don’t, what will be your first step? Has your dog suffered any health issues as a direct result of dental disease?

When it comes to buying toothbrushes for smaller dogs, it may be a case of trial and error, but it’s too important an issue to not persevere.







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