Why You Really Need Pee Pads


why you really need pee pads

Let’s talk about why you really need pee pads!

As someone who regrets not buying stock in a pee pad company, I couldn’t even guess how many thousands I’ve gone through over the years. Who knew one dog, never mind several, could pee that many times!!

What I do

Are you familiar with the expression that goes something like “cluttered life cluttered mind” or something to that effect? Well, having my floors covered in pee pads is a bit stressful for me, but I can handle it because it’s for my why I really need pee padssweetie Red. 

As often as I take her out, and believe me it’s often, it’s impossible to prevent her from ever peeing in the house. I cover the entire floor in pee pads at night in case she has to pee, or decides to make her way down the hallway to our bedroom, and pees along the way.

Don’t worry, your floor doesn’t have to look like mine (see picture on the right!!). You can block off a section around where your dog sleeps, and just put pee pads don’t there. I don’t do that because Red is blind and I don’t want her confused, wondering why she’s stuck in an area she could normally move around freely in.

I pick the pads up in the morning, because she goes out often enough during the day they aren’t necessary. Having said that, I will use them during the day if I’ll be out for some time, especially during the hours I know she’ll have to pee.

Word of advice

If you’re noticing your dog peeing more frequently, please make an appointment to see your vet as soon as possible.

Have you been using newspapers?

If you have I bet you’ve been faced with quite the mess!! As you already discovered, newspaper is not absorbent, and when soaked starts to disintegrate, with pieces left all over your floor, and dare I say carpet.

Do yourself a favour and get pee pads – they are designed for the job so they are absorbent, don’t rip or stick to the floor, just pick them up and throw them away.  

How they can benefit you

Senior dogs

Even the most perfectly housebroken dog, may start having accidents in the house as they age. Believe it or not, a well trained dog will find it very difficult to pee in the house, and will only do so in an emergency. Some pee pads at night, and when you’re out during the day, will make it more comfortable for your dog, not to mention cleaner floors for you.

Puppy training

While you’re housetraining your puppy, it is inevitable there will be accidents, how much better if that accident happens on a pee pad.

Indoor potty training

There are lots of reasons some people train their dogs to go indoors.

  • The dog may be living with someone who has mobility issues
  • They live in a high rise and a quick pee break is never quick
  • Severe winter weather makes it a challenge to go out as often as they would like
  • People who leave their dogs alone all day while at work

Any number of reasons would motivate someone to train their dog to go in the house, and pee pads are perfect for that.

My feelings about indoor training

I see an opportunity to jump on my soap box and I can’t help it!

I understand there are circumstances when one doesn’t have a choice but to train their dog to go indoors, and that’s perfectly understandable. What I don’t approve of is it being used as an alternative to being responsible. Dogs need physical exercise and mental stimulation to keep them happy and healthy.

Sick or injured dog

Your dog may be feeling under the weather or recovering from surgery, and even a quick pee and poop outdoors is too much. In these cases pee pads will become your new best friend. Cover the area where your dog is resting, and be sure to replace each pad as soon as you see it has been soiled.

Adopting a new rescue

Your new dog may have been housebroken at one time, but an extended stay in a shelter with not enough walks forced him to (temporarily) forget his training. Maybe the dog was never trained, and you’re going to need some why you need pee padsbackup until he learns.

Again, perfect scenarios for pee pads.

How many times can one step in a pee pad?

A lot!! Every time I hear a groan, a loud “oh no” or a more colourful word being expressed, I know my husband stepped on a wet pee pad he didn’t see.

We probably end up with a lot more socks in the laundry then most people, but what are you going to do?

Why you really need pee pads – conclusion

I know having pee pads on your floor doesn’t exactly fit in with your décor, but the fact your dog has to pee more frequently is not his fault. You don’t necessarily have to cover a large area, and use your creativity to make it look less “obvious.” How about a plant or two to hide them? Now do you know why you really need pee pads?


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  1. Dinh

    Hi Hindy,
    I definitely agree with you on how many benefits there are in having pee pads from training to just in case for older dogs.
    We used pee pads extensively when we were training Coconut and found that it was so easy and convenient to do that than use other methods.
    It was expensive to use the pee pad, which brand do you use to save some money and that worked effectively?

    1. Hindy Pearson (Post author)

      Pee pads are very expensive, no doubt about that. Depending on where I’m living, the brands change. At the moment I’m using pads I buy from a local chain store here in England. I haven’t checked online in awhile, but it’s probably time to compare prices.


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