Why You Really Need Pet Stairs

why you really need pet stairs

By the end of this article, probably even before, you are going to know why you really need pet stairs.

Sharing my life with a senior dog means I’m always on the lookout for products that will make her life, and mine, easier. Mobility aids, which include pet stairs, are incredible products that have a big impact on the quality of life of pets and their parents, which is why they feature so prominently on my site. My focus is, naturally, on how they help senior dogs, but I feel it’s important to call attention to how much they help dogs of all ages. BONUS TIME – they benefit the pet parents as well!

Zinus 3 step foam pet stairs

Are they really necessary?

A luxury? An unnecessary expense? I suppose those who aren’t familiar with pet stairs, or pets, may say that. I say not true, they absolutely are a necessity and I’m sure you’ll soon feel the same way.

What are pet stairs?

As the name suggests, they are stairs specifically for pet use. When jumping has become a problem, or an impossible feat, pet stairs are the answer. But that’s not the only time!

Here are the benefits of pet stairs

For your dog

  • Freedom – your dog no longer has to rely on you to get on and off whatever piece of furniture he has his eye on
  • Your dog is too small to get onto the couch, chair or their bed (oops I meant your bed!) under his own steam
  • Your bed may be too high for even the most agile dog to jump on and off of
  • Your senior dog isn’t able to jump like he used to
  • Arthritis or other joint problems have grounded them, but they still want the comfort of your furniture
  • Reduces wear and tear on joints in dogs of all ages
  • Your dog can get in and out of the car unaided
  • He has the freedom to go where he wants without waiting for you to help him
  • Some pet stairs are made specifically for use on boats

pet stairs for use on boats

For you

What, you didn’t realise how much this product can help you as well! Let me backtrack for a moment. Obviously anything that helps your pet helps you, but let’s talk specifics here.

  • If you have mobility issues it can be difficult to keep bending down to pick up your dog, now you won’t have to
  • You may have a medium or larger breed dog that is too heavy to lift without help, and help isn’t always around
  • You’re settled in your favourite chair and your dog starts barking at you because he wants to get on the couch for the 8th time. Get some stairs so you don’t have to move  
  • Your dog is a bit chubby (I’m sure he’s on a weight loss program right?) and he’s too darn heavy to pick up
  • It can be a matter of safety for an elderly pet parent who tries to pick up their dog

Why you really need pet stairs – conclusion

I strongly believe any product that makes our pets’ lives easier, makes our lives easier as well. I consider that a necessity, which is why I’m writing more about them. I have experienced, first hand, how much mobility aids have improved the lives of my animals, and pet stairs are no exception.

I hope you have found this an interesting read, and you now see how beneficial pet stairs can be…for everyone.

Have you used pet stairs? What would you say has been the biggest difference/improvement in your lives? Sharing helps others so please leave a comment below or on my Facebook page. If you’d like to submit a picture of your dog using his pet stairs, I’d be happy to publish it on my FB page.


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  1. Tonya Wilhelm

    Another great post. Stairs are so important for both dogs and cats. People don’t realize the strain it puts on an animal’s neck and front legs coming down. Thanks for sharing this information with people.

    1. Hindy Pearson (Post author)

      Thanks Tonya. When you watch your dogs and cats jumping on and off furniture, and especially the cats jumping from such heights, you can’t help but wonder at the pounding their joints are taking. Stairs can help at any age, and are very useful for the parents who have a hard time lifting.

  2. Edy Keller

    I bought my Shitzu/Maltese some stairs because he waits for me to lift him to put him on my bed. I thought he would
    like them, but he refuses to use them. He is able to jump off the bed, but can’t get on it. What should I do??????He is almost 14 years old and is in very good health.

    1. Hindy Pearson (Post author)

      Perhaps the steps are too steep and aren’t comfortable for him. When I adopted my puppy mill rescue I realised not all dogs know how to use stairs, so perhaps that’s the same with your dog. Have you tried teaching him to use the stairs by putting a treat on each step? Alternatively he may be more comfortable with a ramp on a gradual incline.


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