Guardian Gear Double Decker Pet Stroller Review

Guardian Gear double decker pet stroller review

The Guardian Gear Double Decker Pet Stroller is perfect if you share your life with more than one dog or cat, and would like to take them out at the same time. I have a wonderful stroller I bought for my senior dog Red, but now that my young dog Jack has had spinal surgery and can’t walk, he’s been using it. I have been thinking of getting a double stroller so both can fit comfortably, but separately. This one caught my eye for many reasons.    

I thought I would share these features with you.

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Double compartment

The double compartment means you can bring at least two pets (more depending on their size) out and about with you. While many single strollers have room to accommodate more than one pet, if they don’t get along that well, or prefer their own space, the separate compartments on a double decker are ideal.   

Easy to assemble

Another key feature is ease of assembly. I am hopeless at putting most things together (mainly from lack of patience or interest), so having a stroller that I can easily put together is a definite bonus. This point is often commented on by other purchasers as well.

Features and Specifications

  • Perfect for multiple pets
  • Each compartment has zippered mesh windows
  • Secure collar/harness clip in each compartment
  • Top holds up to 10 lbs, the bottom up to 25 lbs
  • Guardian Gear double decker pet stroller rear viewEasy to assemble with no tools required
  • Compartments can be detached and carried separately
  • Rear locking wheels
  • Collapses for storage
  • Latch keeps it closed when folded
  • Two storage pockets on the back of the top compartment (suitable for things like water bottles for instance), and a larger one on the back of the bottom compartment.
  • Top measures – 17½” x 12½” x 15″; Bottom measures – 30″ x 17½” x 37½”


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Customer Scores

I found 22 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Guardian Gear Double Decker Pet Stroller 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

What buyers are saying

This was an awesome purchase for me and my pups. They absolutely love it. Having 4 pups can be a challenge when walking but not anymore. I honestly cannot believe how great it is. I would give it 10 stars if I could. It was easy to assemble. Seems to be made from quality materials and will last.”

I would recommend this stroller to all multiple dog parents. Sturdy wheels for multiple terrains. Great height of handle bars for the tall adult. Secure, trust worthy tethers. Great safe containment for my four Chihuahuas.”

Thank you!! I cannot say enough about this product. Arrived as stated. Easy to assemble, which is a BIG plus for me. Swivel wheels, and plenty of storage space, BIG plus. Nice look. Nice color. It is easy to walk with, not heavy and the size is perfect. Enough room for my 3 pets.”

This is the greatest purchase I have ever made!! I love it so much!


The only reason this stroller did not get a perfect rating, is because one user put a 28 lb dog in the bottom, then commented the fabric started to tear after a couple of uses.

When considering a stroller, if you have a dog at the upper limit of a recommended weight, I advise buying the next size up.

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As someone who has always had multiple pets, having a double decker stroller, like the Guardian Gear Pet Stroller, is the solution. How much easier it would have been if I had it when I was taking my 5 foster kittens and mama cat back and forth to the shelter.

It would certainly be the perfect solution for my 10 lb 15 year old blind Chihuahua/Min Pin, and my 12 lb Maltese who is recovering from spinal surgery. Especially because my Maltese is always happier traveling solo!!

Almost every real buyer of this product is extremely pleased with their purchase, and would recommend this pet stroller to others.


  1. Bhuboy

    This seems like a great product, and I agree with your suggestion about buying the next size up when your dog is a bit heavy for the size you are eyeing out. Thanks for sharing this product.

    1. Hindy Pearson (Post author)

      It’s a great product when you have multiple pets, or even just one who has lots of supplies!! I often read complaints about fabric ripping on strollers, or problems with wheels, then you see their dogs are either the exact weight recommended, or a few pounds over. It’s always best to buy the next size up in those cases, so your pets have room to stretch out, and your stroller will last longer.


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