Halloween Collars For Dogs

If your dog refuses to wear a costume, no matter how many treats you bribe him with, stop stressing and check out these Halloween collars for dogs.

Jack has no interest in costumes, but since I love Halloween and he has to wear a collar anyway…I thought I would look for other ways to get him in the holiday spirit. How cute are these collars and ties? 

Blueberry Halloween Spirit Collection 

Blueberry Halloween collar for dogs

3 sizes, 8 different patterns, a detachable bat design and an eco friendly buckle. What’s not to love about it!! 

3 Dirty Dawgz Adjustable 1″ Trick Or Treat Dog Collar 


3 Dirty Dawgz Halloween dog collar

Made in the USA this adorable dog collar is available in 3 sizes – medium (14″-22″), large (17″-27″) and x-large (20″-34″). A Polypro webbing is used instead of thick nylon, giving it the strength you want without the weight on your dog’s neck.

BOO! Halloween Nylon Ribbon Dog Collar by Midlee

BOO Halloween collar for dogs

This scary 1“nylon collar has a plastic buckle and metal d-ring, and is available in 2 sizes – medium (10″-18″) and large (18″-26″). 

Hixixi 15piece Halloween Bow Ties Set

Hixixie 15 piece mutli pack Halloween bow ties for dogs and cats

Love the selection!! 15 piece set of bow ties made from lace and polyester come in a variety of designs such as pumpkins, skulls, bats and ghosts. Dress your dog (or cat) up in a different one every day in the weeks leading up to Halloween!


Pumpkin Lamp Pet Dog Puppy Collars

Available in small and large, who can resist this spooky pumpkin design with the pumpkin shaped bell?

Classic Halloween Nylon Ribbon Collar


Ghosts, skulls, pumpkins and bats…yep that about sums it up! Made in the U.S.A.


3 Dirty Dawgz Adjustable 1″ Spooky Doggy Reaper Halloween Dog Collar 

3 Dirty Dawgz Halloween Reaper dog collar

Love, love, love the design!! Constructed in the USA this 1″ wide dog collar is available in 3 sizes – medium (14″-22″), large (17″-27″) and x-large (20″-34″). Polypro webbing instead of thick nylon gives this collar strength without the bulk so it’s lighter on your dogs neck for extra comfort. 

Adjustable Dog Collar with Orange Halloween Pumpkins



Available in sizes XS-XL, no one will get left out, it’s machine washable and made in the U.S.A.


Schmoopsie Couture White Sparkle Skeleton on Black Dog Collar

Schmoopsie couture skeleton Halloween dog collar

 Designed and made in the USA, this 1″ wide collar is available in 3 sizes – medium (11″-17″), large (15″-24″) and x-large (20″-29″). It comes with aeavy duty plastic buckle and metal d ring the skeleton design is fab!

Halloween collars for dogs – conclusion

Your pooch may not be fond of costumes, but with these Halloween collars for dogs, he’ll still be fright night ready.  


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*There are affiliate links in this post, which means if you purchase anything I make a few pennies…literally. That money helps me help homeless animals through donations, fostering and my spay/neuter project called FIxing Spain.

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