how to keep a dog with arthritis comfortable

How to Keep a Dog With Arthritis Comfortable


Our most important goal in caring for a dog with arthritis, is making sure they are as comfortable and pain free as possible. The good news is there are some quick, easy and helpful lifestyle changes you can make, starting right now.


Food and water bowls

Elevating the bowls means less stretching so less chance of pain when drinking or eating.… Read full post

arthritis in a dog what you need to know

Arthritis in a Dog – What You Need to Know


Don’t mistake signs of arthritis in a dog for old age. What many pet guardians see as normal signs of aging, may actually be a dog in pain from the effects of arthritis. Dogs slowing down, having difficulty getting in and out of their bed, and a “seeming” loss of interest in going for walks or playing may be caused by many things, and arthritis is one of them. … Read full post