if a senior dog has a seizure is it canine epilepsy

If A Senior Dog Has A Seizure, Is It Canine Epilepsy?


One minute your sweet senior dog seems fine, taking a lovely snooze in a ray of sunshine or laying nearby chewing on a toy, and the next minute s/he is convulsing on the floor, having a seizure. After the initial fright and fear starts to ebb, and you soothe and care for your dog, your mind begins to race: Is my dog okay?… Read full post

seizures in senior dogs

Seizures in Senior Dogs

If you’ve ever witnessed seizures in senior dogs as I have, you’ll know how frightening they can be. What is a seizure?

A seizure, as explained by Dr Karen Becker, is an “abnormal unanticipated electrical activity that happens in your pet’s brain.”

While seizures can indicate epilepsy, it is uncommon in a senior dog, and more likely the result of other conditions.… Read full post