OMG! The Best Dog Ramps Ever

bedside dog ramp

CJ deluxe xl telescoping pet ramp

I am always surprised by the number of pet parents who have never heard of dog ramps.

Well, I’m on a mission to change all that!

It makes me very sad when I think of how many dogs have a lesser quality of life simply because they are older, when there is so much we can do to help.

A quick mention – they’re great for cats as well!!

Dog ramps – who will benefit?

In addition to the dog stroller I have, a ramp is another indispensable tool to help me care for my senior dog.  

If your dog is having some mobility issues, make it easier for him to access his favourite spots with a smooth walk up a ramp.

Perhaps you have some back troubles, and lifting even a small dog is physically challenging; a ramp is a great alternative. Even if you could pick him up, what happens when he’s ready to get down and you’re not around?

A ramp is also perfect for any dog recovering from surgery or injury. A ramp will help get them in and out of the car for their vet appointments, especially if they’re too big to lift on your own.  

Would you believe they’re also perfect for young and healthy dogs? If you have a dog that loves to take a flying leap off the couch, as I do, then you should be aware that over time, that can put a lot of stress and strain on their joints, which can lead to inflammation, injury and arthritis. Having them use the ramp, even if only sometimes, will go a long way to reducing some of that stress.   

Are you a groomer? Do you have dogs that you have trouble lifting onto your table? How about a ramp to help!

When/where can they be used?

  • Indoors and out…
  • Getting in and out of a boat, car, SUV
  • Up and down the steps to your front or back door
  • Use on a short flight of steps in your home
  • On and off the couch or bed
  • Help getting in and out of the pool
  • Assist dogs getting onto and off of a grooming table

Types of ramps to choose from

Ramps can roll, fold or slide, making them easy to store. Some are very lightweight, easy to assemble, and can hold up to 500 lbs (they have been used to load dirt bikes onto trucks!!).

Tips on choosing the right one

There is such a wide variety of dog ramps on the market, you will find one that meets your needs…but what are those needs?

Of course have a look around, but in order to make the best choice you’ll need to know what purpose it will serve.

Consider the following…

Are you looking for indoor or outdoor use, or both?

Do you want a ramp so your dog can get in and out of your bed easier? Your car?

What kind of car do you have? A van or SUV may require a different size/style than a small hatchback.

How big is your pet? The ramp you choose has to support his size and weight.

Incline – larger dogs can typically handle a steeper incline better than smaller dogs, but if you’re talking severe mobility issues, even a large dog may need a more gradual incline.

Training your dog to use it

Now that you’ve decided, you’re going to have to train your dog to use it. Some dogs will walk up the ramp right away without a single problem, while others will run and hide.

Best to introduce him to it slowly, because you want to set him up to succeed. 

Even though you know your dog really well, why not start off gradually just in case this is the one thing that freaks him out.

Start by laying it out flat on the floor, and let him walk around and check it out. If he’s food motivated (as mine always are thankfully!), put a treat near the ramp. After a few tries of that, put it on the ramp. You’re creating positive associations between himself and the ramp, so he’ll see that good things happen when he’s near it.

Try that a few times and see how he reacts. If he’s cool, you’re ready to set it up with a very, very gradual incline. Put a treat on it and see how it goes. You’ll be gradually increasing the incline until he’s happy to walk up it.

As it gets steeper, you can start putting a trail of treats all the way up, to encourage him to get to the top. That’s what I did when I was training an extremely fearful dog to use the ramp. She was petrified of a leaf moving, so it was challenging but it worked, so if it worked for her you shouldn’t have a problem if you take it in stages.

Now let’s check out the merchandise!!

Roll Up Pet Ramp

With a patented roll out, roll up design, it rolls up into its’ own washable nylon carry/storage bag, and is highly transportable.

Designed for dogs up to 160 lbs, the links are constructed of durable polypropylene, and strengthened with glass fibres, and the hinges are made of impact resistant polycarbonate.

It is available in two sizes – 10 links and 18 links. The 10 link is designed for vans with sliding side doors, two-door cars, and small sets of stairs, and the 18 link is designed for station wagons, most SUVs and small trucks.

Ribbed rubber footings on both ends provide stability, and textured strips provide added traction to each link.

Comes with a warranty, it is made in the USA.

Where to buy: Pet Street Mall


Wood Bedside Ramp

bedside dog ramp

I love this bedside ramp because our animals always sleep with us, so this is the perfect solution that allows them to get on and off whenever they need to.

I like that it’s long enough to provide a gentle incline, and fits nicely alongside a queen size bed, even with a night stand beside it.

It’s 25” so reaches a taller bed easily, with space at the top to allow your dog to move to and from the bed.

The ramp surface is carpeted, providing enough traction so there’s no worry about slipping. The wood and cherry finish should suit any décor, and it is easy to clean with carpet cleaner and wood polish.

It suits any pet up to 120 lbs, and assembles in about 15 minutes.

The dimensions are 70”L x 16”W x 25”H, and it is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Where to buy: Amazon


Deluxe XL Telescoping Pet Ramp

deluxe xl telescoping dog ramp

There are so many great features, but for me the best one is the extra length means a flatter angle for easier climbing. The extra width gives bigger dogs more room, and more confidence when using it.

This very stable ramp extends from 47”-87”. Open it fully for access into pickup trucks, SUV’s, even the grooming table!! Shorten for lower surfaces, or when space is an issue.

In spite of its’ size it only weighs 18 lbs, and supports over 300 lbs. 

No folding and unfolding, just slide it out to the desired length, and start using it. It comes with a carry handle and safety latch, so no accidental openings!

Where to buy: Amazon


Smart Ramp Jr.

Smart Ramp Jr dog ramp

Made with Shur-Foot™ (the same material OSHA requires for indoor/outdoor pedestrian safety), ensures a no slip surface, and the high rails in contrasting colour keeps pets securely on the ramp.

Non-slip feet at both ends keep the ramp in place, and weighing only 8 lbs, it’s lightweight enough for easy transport. The built-in handles make it easy to carry with dimensions of 39 1/2″L x 20″W.

Where to buy: Pet Street Mall


Doggy Boat Ladder

doggie boat ladder pet ramp

While the weather is still nice enough for boating, consider this doggy boat ladder for your next outing with the dog!!

The universal grip means it attaches to most boat ladders with three or more steps, and conveniently detaches and floats next to the watercraft when the boat ladder is needed by the 2 legged members of your party.

The doggy boat ladder is: rust and corrosion-proof; portable, lightweight and durable; UV resistant and easy to wash with soap and water.

It is 16” x 64”, folds in half and comes with a handle for easy carry and easy storage.

Although it floats, it should never be used as a flotation device, nor is it safe for human use.

Where to buy: Pet Street Mall


Collapsible Pet Ramp

collapsible dog ramp

This is not only convenient, but versatile as well! There are 3 adjustable heights, no assembly needed, and folds flat for easy storage under your bed, in a closet or even behind the couch.

Suitable for pets up to 125 lbs, it has a sturdy wooden frame with rubber soles for grip, and wheels for easy transport.

Where to buy: Amazon


Half Ramp II

half ramp II dog ramp

This ramp is one piece construction – no telescoping or folding so it’s nice and easy to use, not to mention less expensive. It weighs only 7 lbs, but can support weight up to 300 lbs. Rubber feet at each corner holds the ramp in place while your dog is walking up and down.

Covered in a non-slip carpet, it is comfortable and safe for your pet, not to mention easy to clean!

It is 17″ W x 39″ L and can help your dog reach heights up to 20″ such as a couch, or the side entrance of a minivan.

Where to buy: Amazon


UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp


ultralite bifold pet ramp

You would expect something of this size to be heavy, but it is the lightest full size ramp on the market! Weighing in at only 10 lbs, this bi-fold ramp supports weight up to 200 lbs, and has a high traction surface.  

It comes with a safety release latch to prevent accidental opening, and four rubber feet for sure footing, not to mention a 1 year warranty.

Made in the USA, it is 62”L x 16”W x 4”D, and helps pets reach heights up to about 24”.

Where to buy: Pet Street Mall

Dog ramps – conclusion

Wow! I am really blown away by the incredible selection to accommodate all size pets, in a multitude of situations.

If you don’t have a ramp, I highly recommend you get one. Whether your dog is stiff from arthritis, recovering from surgery or an injury, has trouble reaching the grooming table, or is just one of those dogs that takes a flying leap off the couch (anyone named Jack around here!!), dog ramps are the answer.

OMG! The Best Dog Ramps Ever

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42 thoughts on “OMG! The Best Dog Ramps Ever

  1. I have a friend that would definitely be interested in a dog ramp. Her dog is quite old and usually has trouble going up and down stairs as well. I’m sure this would be a perfect solution but unfortunately her birthday isn’t any time soon, haha. Anyways I still think these are great products for mans best friend.

    1. Hi Jerry, sounds like this is something your friend’s dog could use. Feel free to share this post with her, or the link to my site. She may find some of the information helpful for her dog.

  2. Hello Hindy, I never realized they made these ramps. I especially like the boat ladder! I would get one but my dog is not a fan of water. Anyway, my in laws use stairs at their house for their two dachshunds that are getting a little older. Are these ramps preferable to stairs?

    1. Hi Jeremy, I think the boat ladder is brilliant!! For dogs that are getting older and having trouble climbing or jumping, than yes ramps are a wonderful alternative. Having said that, if you’re talking about a lot of stairs, then none of these ramps are long enough. Depending on how the dogs are getting along on the stairs, they may want to start thinking about baby gates to prevent them climbing up, or falling down.

  3. I am going to have to look into getting a dog ramp as my Wheaten Terrier is getting older now and he finds it hard to get up onto the back of the ute and he is way too heavy for me to lift him anymore. Thanks for the information!

    1. Hi Tracy, believe me a ramp is a lifesaver in so many situations, and getting your dog into your car is certainly one of them. Once you get it, you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

  4. Thank you for product reviews! I just ordered the Deluxe XL Telescoping Pet Ramp based on your recommendation and hope that it works well. My rottie is getting older and cannot jump in and out of my suv anymore so to get her in, I have to put her paws on the back of the suv then lift her hind end up. To get her out, I have to physically pick her up (hog-style, gather all four legs underneath) and I’m going to injure my back if I continue. Plus, I’m sure this is not ideal for her either. I can’t wait to try it out and will definitely let you know what I think!

    1. Hi Sher, so glad to hear that. It’s hard enough constantly picking up a small dog, but a rottie!! I don’t know how you’ve managed to do it. I had a ramp for one of my dogs, and it was a life saver. Your dog will probably be very happy being able to get in and out of the car on her own, as you will be. Let me know how you all get on.

  5. I never knew there were so many different kinds of dog ramps – even for boats! Thanks for sharing, I’m sure there are many dogs, senior and otherwise that will benefit from having a ramp to protect their joints and make going up and down easier.

    1. Hi Val, it’s incredible the selection of dog ramps, one for every need. They’re a definite help for dogs of all ages and sizes, not to mention the guardians that have to pick them up all the time!

  6. These are all great ramps. I like the one that rolls up for easy transport.
    Love & biscuits
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  7. I’d think about getting one if our bed was higher. It’s super low to the ground. When we visit family, I have to push an ottoman next to it so Mr. N can get up on the bed.

  8. We love these ramps – and we have one for the house as well as the boat ramp (when we visit our boat-loving family)! Great post – thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  9. Wow! I love how thorough this article is. Not only do you cover all of the many reasons a ramp can be helpful but you also cover how to train your dog to use the ramp, all of the different types of ramps available as well as where to find them! I’m so impressed by your post. I love that you included ramps can be used for cats, too. Believe it or not, I use ramps (that I’ve built myself out of cardboard) for my pet rats rats. Hooray for ramps!

  10. When my dogs get older, I’ll look into getting them ramps to make it easier for them to get on the sofa. I’d like to keep them as independent as possible. They are all pretty small so I shouldn’t need one for the car.

  11. We’ve been using ramps ever since Jasmine first busted her knee. Some we made ourselves; the last one we bought. Ramps are so helpful. Our guys take to ramps very easily; very little training was ever required.

  12. What an important pet care tool! I hate hearing the loud thud when my dog jumps off the bed. I just know that his joints can only handle that for so long. This was a great reminder to do some shopping! Great post 🙂

  13. Thankfully, our pups are small enough to lift in and out of vehicles (and we do). I imagine we will need to purchase a ramp in years to come for on and off beds and sofa and chairs.

  14. Pet ramps are such a good idea! After several years of jumping up and down from things that are sized for humans (and sometimes even too tall for us), there has to be some wear on a pet’s joints. Even beds are really high off of the ground these days! I can see ramps as being very helpful for aging pets.

  15. Dog ramps must be a blessing for senior dogs, and their owners. I would love a smaller mini-ramp for senior cats (not steps)

  16. Ramps really havent caught up in India people let their dog jump or simply carry them but i have seen how so many dogs with arthritic issues or HD can benefit with this. Lovely post and so many options on the ramps

  17. Great and informative post. I had never seen the ladder option for getting in an out of boats! Too clever. We have been able to donate ramps to our local shelter to assist with dogs who may need assistance getting in an out of vehicles when being transported. It has been a great resource which has helped to reduce stress for the dogs and physical strain on the humans.

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