dog mobility aids

Mobility Aids For Dogs

dog mobility aids

In this post I would like to talk about dog mobility aids – what they are, how much they have helped us, and what they can do for you.  

What are dog mobility aids?

As the name suggests, they are items or products that help your dog get around. A pet stroller, dog ramp, pet stairs and slings are just some of what we will be talking about in this post. We’re also going to look at other options that may help including: hydrotherapy, acupuncture, supplements and medications. 

Who can mobility aids help?


  • suffering from arthritis, hip dysplasia or joint pain of any kind
  • recovering from surgery or injury and have to take it easy
  • finding it harder to climb/jump for any number of reasons


  • who are having trouble or are simply unable to lift their dog  
  • who would like to involve their dogs in more of their family activities

Is your dog…

  • Staying in his bed longer?
  • Having trouble getting out of his bed?
  • Lying down really slowly?
  • Going for shorter walks, or doesn’t want to walk at all?
  • Not as interested in playing?
  • Unable to climb or jump onto the couch or bed like he used to

First things first

Many people assume changes in behaviour are a natural part of the aging process, and ignore them. If you have noticed any changes, no matter how slight or subtle they may be, I highly recommend you make an appointment to see your vet as soon as possible. Catching a condition early increases the chances of a positive outcome.  

The pet stroller

Red touring Spain in her dog stroller

The pet stroller is the one item that has been the biggest help, in ways almost too numerous to mention. Let me say that they aren’t only perfect for senior dogs, there are so many situations where a dog stroller will come in handy for dogs of all ages. 

Read this ⇒ 21 Reasons to Buy a Pet Stroller

The reason I decided to buy a dog stroller is because of a favourite vet. We moved, and without a car getting to him had become quite an ordeal…or adventure if you want to put a positive spin on it!! Anyway, my dog weighs about 9 lbs, but 5 minutes of carrying her and she feels more like 50. She is able to walk but very slowly and not too far, so when I needed a break I would let her walk. The worst part was the overpass that took 20 minutes to cross, and was too hectic for Red to walk on, and that was the backbreaking part. Hence the stroller!

When I want to join my husband and other dog Jack for a walk to the beach on a beautiful day, I don’t have to leave Red behind, I pop her in the stroller and off we go. If it’s hot and Jack has worn himself out running, I put him in there so he can hitch a ride home until he re-charges! 

Jack was paralysed

One day in August 2016 Jack suddenly lost the use of his back legs. A very long story short – our dog stroller was a lifesaver when it came to bringing him to and from hospital and vet appointments. Confined to a cage for weeks with limited time allowed outside, the stroller became invaluable in fighting boredom and depression that was a real concern. After his 5 minute walk time was up, I would put him in the dog stroller and walk around the neighbourhood. This allowed him to see his 2 and 4 legged friends, and give him much needed breaks from the crate. As he improved and was able to walk with the support of a sling (I will talk about that next), I would bring the stroller with us and when his allotted walk time was up, back in the stroller he went.

Whether you have a senior dog who can’t walk as far as he used to, a dog recovering from illness or surgery, or you want to keep your dog safe in crowds, you can’t find anything better than a pet stroller. Many people use them for cats as well! 

Dog support sling

The sling is another mobility aid you will find useful if your dog is having trouble walking for whatever reason.

When Jack was recovering from spinal surgery a sling was essential to help him walk. At the beginning it was because he was unable to move his back legs, but even as he started to regain movement he needed the support it provided. 

You will see in the video our sling was homemade. Because Jack is a small dog weighing around 9 or 10 lbs, the neurologist didn’t feel we needed to buy a “proper” one. He thought a scarf or something similar would be worth trying to begin with, so we cut up an old t-shirt and used that. It worked wonders in our case, but I doubt our improvised version would work in most situations. For bigger dogs a real sling is recommended.    

Dog ramps

ramps are great mobility aids for dogs

Sadly lots of dogs get left back from family car trips because it’s too hard to lift the dog in and out of the car, and he’s unable to walk much once they arrive at their destination. No worries, that’s why we have dog ramps to help get in and out of cars and boats, and even onto the bed or couch.

Styles and sizes galore, some are telescoping so their reach is far, others fold, some turn into steps and I’ve even seen one that rolls. Pay attention to how much traction the ramp you’re considering has, you don’t want your dog slipping if it gets wet. Steepness of incline is also key. Too short and too steep, your dog may not be able to use it. A longer more gradual incline is best.

Doesn’t this sound perfect, teamed up with a pet stroller? They both fold for easy storage in the car, one helps your dog in and out, the other when you arrive.

By the way, there are also ramps that can be used alongside the bed or for joining you on the couch. If you are thinking of indoor use, be aware of the amount of floor space it will take up and how far out it will reach. You don’t want to create a tripping hazard.

Pet steps

pet steps are great mobility aids for dogs

Pet steps are another great tool to help your dog reach his favourite spot on your bed or couch. Taking up less floor space than a ramp, they are less of a tripping hazard, and can be easier to move around, especially because some even have a carry handle. Available in 2, 3 or 4 steps, they come in many different styles, designs and materials. They are also perfect for cats who are not great jumpers, or aren’t able to reach the heights they used to.

One added note – jumping can put a lot of pressure on puppy and kitten bones, so getting them used to pet steps may prevent joint problems later in life. 

Dog wheelchair


dog wheelchair is a great mobility aid for dogs

I would imagine the thought of a dog wheelchair raises a lot of emotions for you. When my husband and I were meeting with the neurologist to discuss Jack’s paralysis, I brought up the topic of a wheelchair. Although our amazing doctor Ed was quite confident Jack would regain the use of his legs (of course it was never a guarantee), I thought it was important to discuss how we felt about it in advance, just in case.

Seeing how resilient Jack has been during his recovery, and me having a hard time keeping up with him when only his front legs were working, I have no doubt he would have adapted to rolling around, and still have a great quality of life. I’m relieved he didn’t need the wheels, but delighted they exist as an option for other dogs who have had a different outcome. It means they can still have fun and happy lives with their families.    

Dog boots

non slip shoes are great mobility aids for dogs

Another fantastic, multi-functional product are dog boots.

Hopefully your dog is more agreeable then my little 16 year old Red. I was in Canada with her one winter – heavy snow, ice and of course lots of salt. Needless to say it was too painful for her to walk, so I bought her booties. I wish I had a video of that experience!! She weighs 10 lbs, but believe me when she doesn’t want to do something, she has the strength of a dog 10x her size. Long story short she was agreeable to paw wax so we settled on that.

The boots are a wonderful solution for dogs that drag their feet due to join pain, or are unsteady on certain surfaces.

In our case they are something Jack would have benefited from, especially if his recovery had taken longer. Even though we used a sling, his back legs would occasionally drag causing sores on the tops of his paws if on small stones or pavement. I wrapped his paws in gauze when we were out, then once we were home he would entertain himself by pulling it off. Boots would have been ideal, I wish I had thought of it from the beginning, although something tells me he would not have worn them. That’s just the way he is!! Having had no experience with a paralysed dog, and being from Canada where you think the only use for booties is protection from the salt… This was one of those “live and learn” situations.   

Splints and leg supports

front splint is a wonderful mobility aid for dogs

Designed to support front or back legs, these splints and leg supports are a tremendous help for dogs dealing with conditions such as osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease and soft tissue injuries to name just a few. Padded velcro straps are used for adjusting, padding on the inside ensures your dog is comfortable, and non-slip pads on the bottom keeps him stable and sure footed.

Joint supplements


You may be familiar with glucosamine/chondroitin as a supplement for humans with joint issues, and have heard a lot of positive feedback. It is also used for dogs, and while it is not guaranteed to help in every case, there are so many success stories, it is worth looking into.

So what is it?

The body synthesizes most of its own glucosamine to form, repair and keep existing cartilage healthy. Production slows as dogs get older, which affects the body’s natural ability to repair itself. When you combine wear and tear on the joints (something that happens naturally as our dog’s walk, jump and play), with the slower repair time of the body, you start to see the development of arthritis. Chondroitin is another substance naturally found in cartilage, and when combined with glucosamine is an even more beneficial joint supplement.

Read this ⇔ “Glucosamine and Chondroitin For Dogs.”

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels

Found only in the waters surrounding New Zealand, this is one of the largest in the mussel family, and are rich in omega fatty acids and minerals. They are known as “green lipped” because of the green tinge along the edge.

A natural anti-inflammatory because they are an excellent source of glucosamine and chondroitin, they are not only helpful for pets already suffering the effects of arthritis, but can be used as a preventative as well. They are considered to be particularly effective when combined with fish oil, glucosamine and chondroitin.

Before you give your dog any supplements, I recommend you speak with your vet. If you’re interested in exploring natural pain relief, speak to your vet or a holistic vet. 


Red having acupuncture

There are an unlimited number of success stories told by people whose dogs have benefited greatly from acupuncture. While it is not guaranteed to help every pet, it is at least worth considering. It can be used in combination with other therapies, and treats a wide variety of conditions, including arthritis. If your veterinary practice does not offer it, find a holistic vet and make an appointment to learn more.

We recently returned from a four month stay in Spain, and I took Red to a holistic vet there. I had long been curious about how alternative treatments could benefit her, so in addition to a home cooked whole food diet, and supplements to replace 3 of her medications, he recommended acupuncture. Although Red does not suffer from joint pain it was part of my vet’s overall wellness plan for her. She had twice weekly treatments for 3 months. At the time I found it difficult to know whether or not it was making a difference because it wasn’t to help a “visible” issue. We’ve been back five weeks and now I see acupuncture helped with her immunity and yes, overall wellbeing. 

Read this ⇒Acupuncture For Senior Dogs: Is There a Point?” 

Mobility aids for dogs – conclusion

I hope you find this information as positive and encouraging as I do. I have personally used (I should say my dogs) almost every item on this list, and the benefits cannot be overstated. It has made life so much easier and more comfortable for all of us.

Please don’t let your dog feel pain or spend the rest of his life in bed, now that you are aware of all the amazing mobility aids for dogs.

Have you used any of these products? How much of a difference have they made in the life of your do? Sharing helps others so please leave your comments in the section below, or on my Facebook page.   



6 tips to help you choose the perfect pet stroller

6 Tips For Buying the Right Pet Stroller

6 tips to help you choose the perfect pet stroller

Before you get that credit card out, these 6 tips for buying the right pet stroller will help you choose the best one.

Although I will be mentioning dogs specifically (because I use it for my dogs), a stroller can be used for cats as well, and of course the same tips apply.

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Size matters

tips for picking the perfect pet stroller

Are you buying the stroller for a dog that is full grown or still growing? Full grown, no problem, you already know his weight. If your dog is still growing, at which stage of his life do you anticipate the need for one?

If it’s for immediate, short term use, again no problem. If you anticipate a need a few months down the road or you’d like it for long term use, buy one based on your dog’s full grown size.

Don’t know? Make a rough guess and err on the big side. One that is too small will be of no use, but one that is bigger can always be adjusted with a blanket or bed.

Know its’ purpose

Schwinn Rascal Pet Trailer

There are so many uses for a pet stroller, knowing what you need it for will help you choose the best match. Quiet walks around the neighbourhood? Taking your pets shopping? Car trips? Festivals and events? More than one pet? Jogging?

For example… if you’ll be taking your dog on car trips, you not only want a stroller that folds, you may also find it handy to have one that converts into a car seat. More than one pet at a time? How about an extra wide or double stroller? Love to cycle with the family on the weekend? A stroller that converts into a bike trailer means the four legged family members aren’t left behind.  

Terrain you’ll be travelling over

on what type of terrain will you be using your pet stroller

Jogging and walking over rough or uneven terrain, will require a different type of stroller than a walk on paved paths and sidewalks. For space and budgetary considerations, wouldn’t it be great if one
stroller could serve all your needs? A basic model with small wheels suitable for light strolls won’t stand up to jogging on uneven surfaces, but a jogger may be perfect for casual walks.

As you can see in the above picture, our stroller is best on paved surfaces so…hubby to the rescue!!

Quality and Budget

tips for finding the right pet stroller

These two tend to go hand in out, so I’m addressing them together to avoid being redundant.

For the occasional walk or trip to the vet, you may very well be fine with an inexpensive stroller, especially if you have a small dog or cat and weight isn’t an issue.

If you will be relying on it quite a bit in a variety of situations, you are going to want to look seriously at the quality. It may cost more initially, but you will save money in the long term by not having to buy a second one when the first one breaks, or outlives its’ usefulness.


rear locking wheels are an important safety feature

Once you get your stroller, you may be amazed at how many new places you take your dog. Keep in mind, even the calmest dog can get stressed in unfamiliar surroundings, so it’s important to do as much as you can to ensure his safety by considering the following…


Even if your dog never wears a harness, I recommend you put one on him when in the stroller. I also suggest attaching a leash to it and holding on to it, as you would when walking. Most strollers also come with a tether that attaches to the ring on a harness or collar, so use that as well for added safety.

Locking wheels

Another important safety feature are rear locking wheels. If you stop to chat to someone and let go of the stroller, or you’ve left it while you take him for a walk, a slight slope and it’s rolling down the hill. Engage the brakes with your foot, and prevent that scenario from happening.

Buses aren’t the smoothest ride, so if you have to take it on public transportation, the brake will keep it from rolling around. I recommend you still keep a hand on it just in case!

Bike trailer

What if you’re using a trailer attached to a bike? You may have a rear view mirror on your handlebars, but you can’t keep constant watch. Double and triple check the connection to your bike, and make sure they are securely fastened before you set off.

Let me add one other note to this…if your dog has never been in a stroller before, I don’t recommend this as his first experience. First get him used to it on quiet streets, then busier, and see that he’s comfortable before you have him whizzing around traffic filled roads.

READ THIS ⇒ Pet Stroller Training: Teach Your Dog to Ride in a Stroller

Create a den

If you’re at a festival or crowded area, and your pets seem nervous, a very important safety feature is the ability to create a den. The stroller you choose should have a zipper or other type of closing to secure the folding canopy to the body of the stroller. Also check for gaps in the fabric or other possible escape points, in the event your dog panics.

Read reviews

Pet Gear AT3 Gen 2 with dog

You don’t have to rely on someone else’s opinion to make your decision, but it can be helpful to read what owners of products have to say. I like to read several to see which themes are common. As with any product, there may be slight discrepancies between the manufacturer’s claims and real user experience.

6 tips for buying the right pet stroller – conclusion

As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the greatest products you can buy, and it has been of more help to me than you can imagine. These 6 tips for buying the right pet stroller will have you wheeling your pets around in no time.

why you need a pet stroller

Why You Need a Pet Stroller

why you need a pet stroller

By the end of this article I am convinced you’ll know why you need a pet stroller.

Why I would never be without one

When I first started seeing pet strollers, I admit I wasn’t crazy about the idea. To me it looked like nothing more than people wanting to show off their cute dogs, like a new accessory. Of course there are still those who treat them that way, but a pet stroller is so much more…indispensable in most cases I would say.

pet strollers are not just for senior dogs

Here are 3 examples of how important a stroller is to me


Red is a 16 year old (approximately) blind Chihuahua/Min Pin cross we adopted 8 years ago. She’s able to walk, but not far and not for long. If we didn’t have a pet sitter we would take her with us on day trips, and my husband and I would take turns carrying her. She only weighs 9 lbs, but after a short while it soon felt like 50.

A few years ago I got it into my head that I needed a pet stroller for her, and I can only say I wish I had thought of it earlier. I can’t count the number of times we’ve used it, and how much easier and better it has made our lives. We’ve gone to the beach, I’ve used it when I wanted to do some power walking, and taken it on buses and trains to festivals and dog events.  


Jack is the first young dog we’ve ever had, and sometimes I join Jack and my husband when they go to the fields for a run around – yep sometimes they both run!! Anyway, after about an hour of that, especially if it’s a summer day, Jack is too hot and tired to walk all the way home, so he hops in the stroller until he re-charges, then walks the rest of the way…or not.

Unfortunately a few months ago he developed a different type of need for the pet stroller. On August 22, 2016 Jack went from walking to paralysed in a matter of hours. Emergency spinal surgery was followed by 8 days in the hospital, then strict instructions not to move. He was allowed out 5x a day, for 5 minutes and that was it.

Being such an active dog, I don’t want him to become depressed or frustrated, which is not fair to him, and I believe would hinder his recovery. With the neurologist’s permission I took him out in the stroller twice a day to see his two legged and four legged friends. I made sure it was low key so he would remain calm, and being out of the crate really perked him up. 

These are just 3 examples of how much I rely on my pet stroller, but keep reading for a host of other uses. 

21 reasons why you need a pet stroller

No more guilt

Of course you’re going to leave your dog alone sometimes, it’s not healthy to never leave their side. But…when he’s left behind on a family day out because it’s too hard to bring him along, a pet stroller will change all that.   

Senior dogs/arthritic dogs

Your dog may still be able to get around, just not as much as before – enter a pet stroller. Let your dog walk as long as he is able, then when he’s had enough, put him in the stroller. You both get exercise, a chance to enjoy fresh air and a change of scenery.

Festivals and large gatherings

If you’ll be at a large gathering such as a festival, keep him safe in crowds by putting him in a stroller. Little dogs can easily get stepped on, and even lash out when hurt, avoid confrontations with aggressive dogs, and keep him away from spilled drinks and dropped food that can make him sick.

Recovering from surgery, illness or injury

It can be very tough, and depressing being stuck in the house, and even more so for an active dog. He may not be allowed to walk, but he may be able to roll…smoothly. Mental stimulation is as important as physical exercise, so ask your vet if it’s safe to take him out in a stroller. Left in the house to get depressed and frustrated will not help your dog (or cat) recover.  

Big city living

If you live in the heart of an extremely busy city with packed sidewalks, walking a dog can be challenging, especially if he’s small or nervous. Use a stroller to get to the park or quiet area, then again when you’re heading back into the chaos.  

Human with mobility issues

A dog’s human may have mobility issues, even temporarily, and find it difficult to take the dog out as often as they would like. Hopefully kind family, friends and neighbours are offering to walk the dog, but a stroller may help you get out with him at times as well.   

at the vets office in a pet stroller

Vet visits

If you live within walking distance of your vet, how easy is it to put your dog in the stroller, and take a walk? Exercise for you, no dealing with traffic, and environmentally friendly!

Even if you’re driving carriers are heavy, sometimes too heavy for some people to lift. Use the carrier for safe travels in the car, then transfer him to the stroller from the car to the office. Then when you can’t find a parking spot close to the entrance, it won’t matter.   

No more excuses not to exercise!

You have to walk your dog anyway, but if he can’t walk for long, or at the pace you’d like, bring the stroller with you. When he’s had enough, you can carry on. Why end your workout early?

To learn more about the importance of exercising our dogs (according to their abilities obviously!) this article written by Susan Nelson, Kansas State University veterinarian and assistant professor of clinical sciences, will be of interest. 

Multi dog households

One dog is going this way, the other that way; one is a speed demon, the other more sloth like. Another scenario that has “dog stroller” written all over it.

One quick point – if your dogs don’t walk nicely on a leash together, one on one leash training will help.

Jack getting off the train in a pet stroller


If you’re off for a few days with the dog, a folding pet stroller is perfect. In and out of the car, unfamiliar sights and sounds, long days sightseeing, and some time spent people watching at an outdoor café. A stroller is perfect for any scenario!

More quality time for you and your pup

If your dog is in a stroller, it is more likely places that would not normally allow a dog, will be okay with this set up. Some shops are cool as long as you carry the dog, and don’t put them on the floor. Have you ever carried a dog while trying on shoes or clothes? I have, a 10 lb dog, and it was not easy. Another reason to get a pet stroller.

Transporting foster puppies or kittens

If you foster puppies or kittens and are constantly back and forth to the vet or shelter, you know how heavy a carrier can get. Imagine how much easier it would be to wheel them around?

Traveling on a boat or ferry

Some dogs don’t like the feel of the gangway surface (I know Jack doesn’t), and short of dragging them (which you should never do by the way!!), a stroller is the solution. If being on a boat is a new experience, a stroller can give him a feeling of security and make it a more pleasant voyage for everyone.   

Take your dog to work day

If your workplace has a “take your dog to work day” or you run your own business, a stroller will give your dog a den to rest in, and stop him from running riot. It’s also easier to wheel in what you need, than to carry a bed, blankets and supplies.

Visits to friends and family

If you’re visiting anyone with other pets or small children that may annoy your dog, the stroller will serve as a nice little escape.

happy they allow a pet stroller on the bus

Public transportation

I have seen many people on public transportation with crates, on their way to the vet. Imagine how much easier it would be if they had a stroller. We’ve been using public transport recently, back and forth the hospital and vet appointments with Jack. The taxi bills were mounting, as are the vet bills, so the bus and train are comfortable, cheaper options. 

Paw protection

We know what burning hot concrete feels like on our feet…that’s how it feels on your pets’ paws. Have you ever seen a dog react to salt on an icy pavement? Ever tried putting booties on them? Some dogs are happy wearing them, but of course mine are not!

Evacuation in case of emergency

Whatever the emergency, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to evacuate, a stroller may be the safest way to transport your pet. Your otherwise calm dog or cat can get pretty scared – attaching the safety clasp to the harness (found in most strollers), then zipping the stroller up completely, will keep him secured.

Taking an indoor cat…out

If you have an indoor cat, you’re probably always looking for ways to prevent boredom. Unless you’ve trained him to walk with a harness, a stroller is a great way to give him a change of scenery and some fresh air. Make sure the stroller you buy doesn’t have gaps he can escape through, and test how well he handles it indoors first. Put a harness on him, and clip it to the tether in the stroller for added safety.

Jack using the pet stroller for shade

Protection from the sun

Heatstroke is no laughing matter, and too much time spent outside in extreme temperatures, can be dangerous. A stroller will allow your dog to get some much needed exercise, and keep him safe from being out too long in the sun.

Meet new people

It’s true! Some people use a pet stroller as a way to meet new people, and I can say from experience it works. I can’t keep track of how many people stop us when we’re out, ask about the dog… Perfect if you’ve just moved to a new place and don’t know anyone, or you’re a bit shy approaching someone new. This is the perfect ice breaker.  

Styles and types of strollers

4 wheel – 3 wheel (basic and jogger strollers) – foldable (most fold but if it’s an important feature, be sure the model you’re looking at does) convertible (converts into a carrier, car seat and even a bike trailer) – double (side by side or double decker)

Features vary depending on type and style of stroller, but they can include:

  • Mesh panelling for air circulation and greater visibility
  • Padded handle for comfort
  • Fold down canopy that zips closed for security and protection from the elements
  • Cushioned pad for comfort
  • Cup holder(s) and tray for things like keys, phone, snacks…
  • Roomy storage basket underneath
  • Locking rear wheels
  • Safety clasp that hooks onto a collar or harness and acts as a tether
  • Front and rear entry
  • Foldable (with clip to prevent accidental opening)

How to choose the best pet stroller

Choosing the right stroller is not complicated, but it does require a bit of thought before making a purchase.

What size do you need?

Take some measurements of your pet. We never think it’s necessary because we’re sure we can eyeball them and know. Sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t!

Too small and your dog will be squashed, too big and he could be sliding around.

If you are buying a stroller for a puppy, unless you want to buy more than one to accommodate her growing size, buy the size appropriate for her as a full grown dog, and add a bed or some blankets so she’s not lost in there.

Weight of pet

Strollers have weight limits, so if you put a 30lb dog in a 20lb stroller, you risk damaging the stroller, and possibly injuring your dog if it collapses.

If your dog’s weight is at the maximum of the weight limitation, look for the next size up.

What will you use it for?

Jogging or hiking will require a different stroller than a walk around your neighbourhood of paved sidewalks.  

How many pets will use it at once?

If you have two pets using it at the same time, a single compartment stroller may be enough, depending on their size. Alternatively a side by side or dual compartment may be the solution.

Features and options

There are many handy features and options so think about their benefits to you.

  • Storage baskets
  • Bottle holder(s)
  • Trays for treats, snacks and cell phones
  • Wheel locks
  • Collapsible (with a clip to prevent it opening)
  • Safety tether that attaches to collar or harness
  • Mesh panels to keep out bugs and provide lots of air circulation
  • Adjustable/folding sun shade or canopy
  • Padded handle
  • Height of handle – is it adjustable
  • Zipper or zipperless
  • How many entry points


Would you like to be able to walk on pavement, rough terrain and jog with your dog? One stroller may not be able to serve all purposes. The best thing to do is find the jogging stroller first, because a basic one for strolls in the park won’t do. Even if the jogger doesn’t suit all requirements, you can find a very inexpensive basic one for your neighbourhood walks.

Consider your budget

There is such a wide range of prices, you’re bound to find one that fits your budget. Nothing wrong with buying the least expensive option, but consider how often you’ll be using it and the quality of what you’re looking at. As we’ve all experienced, the cheapest can turn into quite an expense.

Your pet’s behaviour

You may know your pet well, but still have no idea how he’ll react to a stroller. Check for spaces he may be able to squeeze out of, put a harness and leash on when out, and attach the in stroller tether to the harness. Buy one that can be zipped up for extra security.

Try it out for the first time in your house, then backyard. If he’s okay, do a test run with a short walk around the neighbourhood before you go too far afield. As a precaution, I hold onto the leash when pushing the stroller, just in case. If something does happen you have a good hold on him.  

Why you need a pet stroller – conclusion

Whether or not pet strollers really started off as another way to turn your dog into an accessory is not something I have an answer for. What I do know is how much it can improve a senior dog’s quality of life, help those recovering from illness, injury or surgery, help keep you fit, protect paws and so much more.

I speak from personal experience, so believe me when I say what a lifesaver my pet stroller has been. From being able to include my senior dog Red in our outings, to taking Jack out while he recovers from spinal surgery, a pet stroller has been one of the best things I could have done for my dogs.

So was I right… do you now know why you need a pet stroller?



The Pet Stroller: How to Choose the Best One For You and Your Dog

The best invention, as far as I’m concerned is the pet stroller.    

One of the best things I’ve done for Red, other than all the other “best” things I do for her, was to buy her a doggie stroller. I write this in the hopes others will see the benefits to their own dogs. 

How a stroller makes outings more enjoyable for us

Before I discovered dog strollers, or I should say before I decided to look into what they were all about, my husband and I would go for day outings, and literally carry Red with us. She weighs less than 10lbs, but after a few minutes it would feel more like 100lbs. Red of course can walk, but she’s blind and older so walks very slowly, and short distances.

Things got so much easier once I bought a stroller. We’ve taken it on the bus, the train, walks around the neighbourhood…  

On the weekend (when it’s nice out of course!), we like to take a nice long walk along the beach, sit on a bench, let our other dog Jack run around the park. I no longer have to carry Red, or constantly check my watch if we left her at home to make sure she’s not alone for too long. She comes with us so it no longer matters how long we stay out.  

Who benefits from a doggie stroller?

You – no more guilt at leaving your dog behind because now you won’t have to!

Senior dogs who can’t walk as much as they used to. Use the stroller when they need to take a break.

Arthritic dogs lying in the stroller get to enjoy fresh air, a change of scenery, and a short walk if they can manage.

Dogs of any age recovering from surgery, illness or injury – even if they aren’t allowed to walk at all, your vet may give you permission to take him out of the house for a bit in a stroller. Check with him/her first please!

Who else benefits?

Jack getting some shade under a dog strollerYou’ll notice my other dog Jack using Red’s stroller as shade, on what was a very beautiful warm sunny day. A very handy use of it I might add, considering we were walking by the beach and there was no shade anywhere. Another fantastic use of an amazing invention.

Update— Since writing this, Jack suddenly became paralysed on Aug. 22/16, and is now recovering from spinal surgery. In order to prevent boredom, and make sure he’s still able to socialise, I take him out twice a day in this stroller, for a walk around the neighbourhood. The mental stimulation it provides, will aid in his recovery.

If I haven’t convinced you of the benefits of owning a stroller, how about 21 reasons to buy one?

Tips for navigating the world of doggie strollers

What size do you need?

Before you can choose a stroller, you need to think about the size dog you’re buying it for. Strollers do come with dimensions on the label, so it would be helpful to measure your dog and compare. If the measurements are exact, or pretty close, the next size up would probably be a better fit.

You want your dog to be as comfortable as possible, with room to move around.  Too small and your dog will be squashed, too big and he could be sliding around.

If you are buying a stroller for a puppy, unless you want to buy more than one to accommodate her growing size, buy the size appropriate for her as a full grown dog, and add a bed or some blankets so she’s not lost in there.

How much does your dog weigh?

Dog strollers have weight limits, so if you put a 30lb dog in a 20lb stroller, you risk damaging the stroller, and possibly injuring your dog when it collapses.

If your dog’s weight is at the maximum of the weight limitation, look for the next size up.

What will you use it for?

The style and type of stroller you buy will depend on what you intend to use it for. Will you be walking around the neighbourhood? The local Park? Jogging? Hiking? Biking? Would you like a stroller that converts into a carrier, a bike trailer and a car seat?

A basic model wouldn’t be appropriate for jogging on trails, and a super duper jogging stroller for rough terrain will likely be too cumbersome for light usage.

How many pets will use it at one time?

If you have two pets that will be using it at the same time, a single compartment stroller may be enough. I have a small basic stroller for Red, but when my other dog needs a rest after walking and running, there’s plenty of room for him to hop in for a lift home.

If your dogs (or whatever pets you’ll be transporting) would prefer their own space, there are Pet Gear No Zip Double Pet Strollermulti compartment options available. These strollers tend to be for small animals, because more than one compartment means each one must be on the smaller side, to prevent the stroller from being massive.

Terrain you will be travelling over

On what surfaces do you anticipate most of your stroller use will be made – pavement, grass, gravel, large stones, sand, hiking trail?

Because different styles have been created for different terrains, knowing where you will be using it will point you to the best stroller for your needs. For instance, a basic stroller with small wheels won’t roll very smoothly on rough, rocky surfaces.


Collapsible models are handy for travelling, multi-purpose strollers can be converted into a pet carrier, bike trailer and car seat, 3 wheeled strollers are great for jogging and large wheels work well over rough terrain.

Features and options

There are many features and options available so consider them carefully, because they really are very handy.

Storage baskets; bottle holders; trays for treats, snacks and cell phones; wheel locks, collapsible, with a clip to keep it folded; ease of opening and closing; safety clip that attaches to a collar or harness; mesh panels to keep out bugs and provide lots of air circulation; sun Pet Gear Expedition Strollershade/canopy; comfortable handle; is the handle at the right height or is it adjustable…


Would you like to be able to take your dog for a stroll in the park, and go jogging? One stroller may not be able to serve both those purposes. The best thing to do is find the jogging stroller first, since the basic one you would buy for a stroll in the park wouldn’t be sturdy enough. See if it will serve all your needs, but if not, then you can find a pretty inexpensive one for your neighbourhood walks.

The more extra features one stroller has, the more use you will get out of it.

Consider your budget

A wide range of styles means a wide range of prices, so there should be one to suit your budget. You may be tempted to buy the least expensive one you see, which is your choice of course, but sometimes the cheapest item turns into quite an expense.

Paying even a little bit more may get you a pet stroller of significant better quality.

Your pet’s behaviour

If you are concerned your pet may jump out of the stroller, make sure the one you are interested in has the safety clasp that hooks onto the collar or harness. There are also mesh covers attached to the sun shade that can be zipped around the frame of the stroller, to prevent any pet VIVO three wheel pet strollerfrom jumping out. Having said that, a very determined, and very scared dog or cat can most likely get out.

I recommend you first try it in your house, then your backyard. If he’s okay, try a short walk around the neighbourhood before you go too far afield.

For extra safety, put your dog (or cat) in a harness and leash and hold onto the leash when you’re pushing the stroller. At least if something does happen you have a good hold on him to keep him safe.  

The pet stroller – conclusion

I bet you’re surprised by all the things you need to think about before committing to a purchase! There is one thing I would like to mention, even though I know it is an obvious point to bring up.

Dogs still need to be dogs, so when looking for a pet stroller, please don’t buy one for the sole purpose of showing him off. They need to walk, get exercise, have their paws touch the ground…

So you see, a pet stroller really is an essential for old dogs, as a matter of fact, Red’s world would be much smaller without one.   

21 reasons why you should put a pet stroller

21 Reasons Why You Need to Buy a Pet Stroller

Surprised I was able to come up with 21 reasons why you need to buy a pet stroller?

When you think something is as fantastic as I think a dog stroller is, it’s not too difficult to come up with lots of reasons why people should buy one. 

I must admit when I first saw a dog in a stroller I had a mix of emotions. My first thought was how funny it was, then ridiculous, then I chastised (in my head not out loud) the woman pushing the stroller, ranting about not 21 reasons why you need to buy a pet strollerletting her dog’s paws touch the ground, he’s not an accessory blah blah blah.

I’m happy and Red is happy

After carrying my dog around for a couple of years and getting a backache every time, I realised I was going to get the very thing I thought was ridiculous. And I did and I love it!! 

When I take my blind, 16 year old dog Red out in her stroller I always get tons of looks and comments. At first I felt being the focus of so much attention uncomfortable, but then my husband so rightly pointed out we were helping a lot of people by being out and about with it! Because pet strollers are not well known where we live, many people have told me they thought it was a brilliant idea and could use one for their dog.

Hubby was right! I can only hope many more dogs will get out now then they would have, if their parents hadn’t seen me.

Because I am crazy about senior dogs I automatically gravitate towards them, yet I have often commented about how few I actually encounter on my walks. If they are staying pretty close to home, seeing my stroller may spark the “ah ha” moment that gets more seniors out in the fresh air!!

Here are my 21 reasons why you need to buy a pet stroller

Senior dogs will no longer get left behind

Senior dogs, or “settled” as I recently saw them referred to, don’t have to get left out when the rest of the family are off for a day of fun. On weekends when the weather is nice, my husband and I like to go for a leisurely stroll along the beach, then to the field to let our dog Jack off the leash for a good run. Before I got the stroller I didn’t usually go, because although I do leave Red alone I don’t like to do it for too long. Okay I admit I sometimes used that as an excuse why I couldn’t go!! Now that I have the pet stroller I load it up with all our supplies, stick her in it and off we go. She gets to come out with us, enjoy a few hours of sunshine, she can walk at her own pace while Jack is off running at his, and I don’t have to watch the clock!

Injured dogs

Injured dogs may not be able to go for walks but they still need fresh air. Your number one priority is to do what you can to ensure your dog heals properly, but boredom and frustration aren’t healthy. Ask your vet if it would be safe to take him out in the stroller for a change of scenery.  

Recovering from surgery

A similar scenario to the one above but equally important to address. Without physical exercise and mental stimulation dogs get bored, and boredom leads to behaviour issues. Taking them out into the world, even if it’s just in a stroller, is a help. All with your vet’s approval of course!!

The stroller was a big part in helping Jack recover from spinal surgery, and I will explain why. Although Jack has some issues as a result of being abused in his previous home, there are people he has really bonded with. He’s also a bit nosy and likes to see what’s going on in his neighbourhood.

One year ago Jack became paralysed suddenly, literally within a matter of hours. He was fine at 7:00am and by Jack could still get around in a pet stroller2:30pm his back legs were no longer working. Long story short he had spinal surgery and during his recovery we relied a lot on Red’s stroller. For several weeks walks were restricted to 5-10 minutes to pee and poop, the rest of the time he was on cage rest. He still needed to see his pals and have a change of scenery, so with the approval of his neurologist I took him out for short periods in the stroller. It made such a difference to his emotional well being.  

Easier than a carrier 

Carriers can be quite awkward or heavy to carry, and if you have any kind of physical limitations that prevent you from lifting heavy objects, a  pet stroller is the way to go.   

Longer outings with your dog

If your dog is not able to walk for as long as he use to, a stroller is a good option. It is the perfect compromise for those times when you would like to take your dog for a day out, but you know he (or she) won’t have the stamina! Let your dog walk as much as he wants or is able to, then hop in when reasons why you need a pet strollerhe needs a break.

Our dog Jack has lots of energy, but after a long walk and run he fades about halfway home, especially if it’s hot out. He hops in the stroller with Red, takes a short break to recharge, then lets us know when his second wind kicks in and he’s ready to carry on walking.

Visits to the vet

Do you live within walking distance of your vet? Would you, at times, like to be able to get that nice long walk in, but it’s a bit out of range for your dog? Get your dog, get your stroller, put your sneakers on, and start walking. When it’s too much for the dog, time to start pushing.

Before we moved I had a wonderful vet I loved so much, I would make the trek to our old hometown just to see him. Getting there by car was hellish, so the best and quickest way was public transport. It involved a bus, a ferry, another bus, then a 15 minute walk over a very long, steep bridge. I used to carry Red which was more than backbreaking, but once I got the stroller, going to the vet was a breeze – the weight was literally lifted off of me and the journey was so much more enjoyable. 

Events or large gatherings

dog strollers for safety in a crowdWhether you’re going to a festival, air show or any other type of outdoor event, a stroller is not only convenient, it may also be the best safety tool.  Even if your dog is able to cope in large noisy crowds, there is a real risk of injury, no matter what size he is. He could easily get stepped on or react and bite someone if he’s frightened.  

Unless he’s wearing a harness, the commotion could cause him to slip out of his collar, and run off.

Large crowds and festivals also mean plenty of spilled drinks, dropped fries and other harmful foods on the ground, enough for your dog to have a field day, and get quite ill. It’s too risky, especially if he has dietary restrictions.  

No more excuses not to exercise!

Walk at the pace you want until your dog is too tired, then treat him to a ride without you having to put an early end to your workout.

I admit I’m lazy when it comes to exercise, but a few times I did put Red in her stroller and went for a nice paced walk along the beach. Faster than I could do with my other dog who has to sniff every blade of grass growing. I even noticed by using the stroller for support I was able to keep up a quicker pace then if I walked without it.

One slow dog/one fast dog or one big dog and one small dog

For all of us who have more than one dog… how often do you have dogs that walk at the same pace? I never do that’s for sure. This is another scenario that has “pet stroller” written all over it. Let them walk together as long as they can, when one is running out of steam let him recharge in the stroller, without your other dog’s walk being compromised.

Access to “restricted” places

There are shops where dogs are welcome, and others that will allow you to bring a dog in if you carry him. I don’t know if you’ve tried it, but even carrying a small dog while looking at clothes, or trying on shoes without letting a pet stroller makes shopping with the dogs so much easiertheir feet touch the ground, is no easy task.

I was with my dog Red in a store not long ago, one that grudgingly lets you in if you carry the dog. I put her down on the floor for literally seconds until I took off the shoes I was trying on, and no sooner did her little paws touch linoleum the security guard was standing over me, telling me I had to pick her up.

Imagine that same scenario if I had the stroller with me!

Charity fun run

Fun runs and charity events are most often organised with the whole family in mind, and of course that means including your dog (or cat if he or she is that laid back!!). These events last several hours, and rather than rushing home because you left the dog alone, or not rushing home and leaving him alone, bring him along.

In the past you hesitated because you knew crowds and noise would get to him, but now that you’ve discovered the many uses of the pet stroller, he can join in too! You can even put the sunshade down, and zip the mesh screen up for some quiet space, creating a mobile den for him!

For people who live in extremely congested areas

If you live right in the heart of an extremely busy city (picture London on a Saturday in the summer, or any day really, or the crazy busy streets of Manhattan), it can be challenging to walk your dog, particularly if you have a small one. With so much pedestrian traffic he can get hurt, especially if people don’t see him. Not a difficult scenario to imagine given how wrapped up people get in themselves, they have no clue what’s going on around them. Your dog may get so nervous in that situation he may develop anxiety and avoid going out altogether.

Of course a harness sounds like a very good idea in this type of environment, and a stroller sounds like a good idea as well. Use it until you get to the park or a nice quiet area, let him out to walk, and use it again when you reach the busy streets. 

Traveling on a ferry or boat

Some dogs, like Jack, don’t like the feel of the gangway or dock surface, and short of dragging them (which you should never do by the way!!), you either carry them or use a stroller to easily transport them on and off the ferry. Keeping him confined in the stroller during the trip is probably a safe thing to do as well. If it’s a new experience he may feel anxious or overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and goings on. Keeping him in the stroller will make it a more pleasant voyage for everyone, and give him a feeling of security.

Transporting foster puppies or kittens

If you foster puppies or kittens and are back and forth to the vet or shelter, you know how heavy a carrier can get. Imagine how much easier it would be to wheel them around in a stroller.

Many years ago I was fostering 3 kittens that weren’t able to eat on their own, even though I was told they could before I took them!! Anyway, since they had to be bottle fed and I still had to go to work, I would take them in a crate and all their supplies with me to work, and leave them in my boss’s office. Luckily she was an animal lover, and away so that was handy. I didn’t have a stroller at the time, but I know how much easier it would have been to transport them if I had.  

Multi dog households

Of course the stroller cannot, and should not, replace proper scheduled walks. Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest… At times you’re headed straight to the dog park, and it’s a bit of a nightmare trying to get them there because they’re all going in different directions, sticking one or all of them in a stroller and wheeling them to the park may come in handy.

I should add that some leash training, done with each dog individually may be in order. Ideally you should be able to walk your dogs, nicely to the dog park, but who lives in an ideal world!!

More quality time for you and your pup

Having the option of putting your dog in a stroller, means you can bring him more places with you. Locations that may not normally allow dogs may welcome a well behaved one, sitting quietly in a stroller. More outings together, more quality time together. 

Take your dog to work day

Does your workplace have a “take your dog to work day?” Do you run your own business and make the rules? Either way having a stroller gives your dog a little den to rest in, and so much easier than dragging beds and blankets with you. Throw a blanket in the stroller to give it some extra padding and you have a ready made rest area.

Use it while visiting friends and family

If you’re visiting friends or family, especially if they have small children that are starting to annoy your dog, the stroller will serve as a nice little escape. If you all decide to go out your dog can walk as much as he is able, so many reasons why you need a pet strollerthen be wheeled the rest of the way.  

Paw protection

Burning hot concrete around the pool – we’ve all experienced that pain! Imagine your dog walking on a hot pavement? What about salt on the sidewalks? I was with Red in Canada one winter and boy did she suffer. She couldn’t take one step because the salt burned her paws so badly. Depending on the amount of snow on the ground and the type of stroller you buy, it may be a great solution. 

Evacuation in case of emergency

Whatever the emergency, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to evacuate, putting your dog in a stroller may be the safest way to transport him. This eliminates having to keep looking to make sure he’s with you and hasn’t gotten out of his collar because of the commotion. Your stroller should come with a clasp that hooks onto your dog’s collar or harness for added security. If your stroller comes with a mesh panel attached to the sunshade, lower it and zip it all the way around so it’s secured to the stroller, and your dog cannot jump out if he gets anxious.  

Shade from the sun

For those of us who have spent any time living in tropical or semi tropical climates, we know the rules about taking our dogs out early morning and later in the evening when it’s “cooler.” Heatstroke is no laughing matter, Jack using the pet stroller for shadeand too much time spent outside in extreme temperatures, can be dangerous. Taking your dog out in a stroller to a shady location will allow him to get much needed exercise, but will also get him out of the sun if it gets to be too much.

21 reasons why you need to buy a pet stroller – conclusion

By now I think you realise how much I love pet strollers and how much we all have benefited from using one. I do want to make one quick mention. It’s always safer to keep a harness on your dog, and what I do when Jack is in the stroller is clip a leash onto the harness and hold it in my hand. This way if something does scare him or he doesn’t want to ride anymore he can’t just jump out. I do keep the tether attached to Red’s collar but no leash because she’s not a “flight risk.”

I’ve you’ve been on the fence, I hope these 21 reasons why you need to to buy a pet stroller has been an eye opener, and you have seen just how beneficial one can be.


Is this the first you’re hearing about pet strollers? What do you think, can you see a benefit to having one for your dog?

If you have a stroller what was the motivation for getting one? In what ways has it made your lives easier? ur dog’s life easier and better?


I would like to invite you to join Senior Dog Care Club, a new Facebook group for senior dog parents. There you will find lots of helpful tips and advice, a place to ask questions and share experiences. I look forward to welcoming you.


the pet stroller is a great mobility aid for senior dogs

Confidence Deluxe Folding Four Wheel Pet Stroller Review

The pet stroller Red uses is the Confidence deluxe folding four wheel pet stroller

The Confidence Deluxe Folding Four Wheel Pet Stroller is a great addition to any household with a dog weighing up to 20lbs. After carrying my dog Red around on family outings or trips to the vet for longer than I can remember, I decided it was time to stop breaking my back and look into getting a pet stroller. There are a lot of them to choose from, but one stood out for me – The Confidence Deluxe Pet Stroller.

I love it so much, and I know what a difference it can make to your dog’s quality of life, I had to share this with The confidence deluxe four wheel pet stroller is the one Red usesyou.

A quick mention – it’s available on Amazon Prime!

See it on >>>

Convenient front and rear entry

You want a stroller that’s easy to use, and that means hassle free when it comes to putting your dog in and taking him out. There are two ways to do that – at the top like a regular baby stroller, or through a rear panel that unzips. This second access point is super convenient if the sunshade is down and zipped up. It’s also handy if you’re pushing the stroller and want to hand your dog a drink or a treat. Just reach down, open the zipper then close it back up.


This pet stroller folds down in a second, and opens just as quickly and easily – no complicated manoeuvres required! Being lightweight means no problem lifting it into the trunk of your car. When not in use stow it away in a closet without sacrificing much space, or under a bed.  

A smooth ride

I use it on sidewalks and paved paths and Red seems very comfortable in it, no jostling around.

Features and specifications

  • Easy to assemble – less than 5 minutes and no tools required
  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuver
  • Collapsible protective canopy
  • Mesh in the front, back, and on the sunshade for ventilation on warm days, and protection against bugs or flying insects
  • rear view of the Confidence Deluxe Four Wheel Pet Stroller rear viewGood size basket holds some shopping, extra sweater, leashes, treats, snacks…
  • Cushioned handlebar
  • Parent tray with 2 cup holders and larger section to hold phone, keys, treats…
  • A spongy insert for comfort
  • Safety tether to clip onto harness or collar
  • Foot locking rear wheels
  • Folds in seconds
  • Clasp on frame locks the stroller when closed
  • Holds up to a 20lb dog comfortably
  • Full dimension 32.3” x 17.7” x 38.2”
  • Enclosed size: 22″ x 13.4″ x 11″, Folded size: 32.7″ x 7.3″ x 15″, Handle bar height: 39.4″

Who can benefit from a pet stroller?

I have to say YOU because you no longer have to carry your dog around, and YOUR DOG because he gets to join you on more outings.  

Senior dogs, dogs with arthritis or joint problems that can’t walk as far as they used to. Bringing a stroller on your walks means she (or he) can walk as far as is comfortable, then hitch a ride the rest of the way. You don’t have to rush back home and your dog can still enjoy being outside.

A dog recovering from illness or surgery that may not be allowed to walk, other than a quick pee and poop. Putting him in the stroller gives him an opportunity to get out and about, see pals, get some fresh air and prevent boredom.  

Transporting puppies or kittens and you don’t want to have to carry a crate.

Many cat parents use a pet stroller.

Perfect for use on busy streets, festivals or taking the family for a fund day out. Small dogs can easily get stepped on, feel anxious in large crowds, or find dropped food on the ground that can make him sick. The stroller will keep him safe, and for that extra secure feeling close and zip the sunshade and create a cosy “den on the move.”

I’d like to share the benefits it has brought to our lives

The love of my life is a blind Chihuahua/Min Pin named Red. She is approximately 16 years old and an absolute joy. She can’t walk too far so we go for lots of short strolls. When I want to take her for longer outings or on day trips, I couldn’t do it without the pet stroller. Although she only weighs about 9 lbs, after 10 minutes she starts feeling more like 50! I’ve taken it on buses and trains, and it’s so easy because it’s lightweight and folds up in seconds.It makes me happy knowing I can include Red in more activities because of it.

Although I originally bought the dog stroller for her, it turns out it had another use I never could have anticipated.

We have another dog named Jack and one day last year, within the space of a few hours, his back legs became paralysed. Long story short, he had spinal surgery and months of recovery. He was only allowed out a couple of Jack at the vets office in a pet strollerminutes at a time to begin with, so with his neurologist’s approval, I would take him out and about in the stroller so he wouldn’t get depressed stuck in his crate all day every day.

There’s room enough for my two dogs (9lbs & 10lbs) to sit, but not lie down. That’s okay because Jack only spends a few minutes in it if he needs a rest after running around, or we’re in a crowd and he might get hurt.

Some things to consider

I don’t believe they are deal breakers but I do think they are important for you to be aware of.

The cup holders are deep enough for cups and small bottles, but not larger ones. I’m not too bothered because I put it in the basket underneath, or in the folds of the sunshade if I want easy access.

If you’re standing behind the stroller and you reach over the handlebars to put something into the stroller, or to pet your dog, hold onto the stroller or your body will tip it backwards. I know that from personal experience but thankfully Red was fine. In the years I’ve had it, it is not something that has ever happened on its’ own, only the one time when I caused it. Now I just go to the side of the stroller and do what I have to do.

A little bumpy over non smooth surfaces like a pebbled path, so I stick to paved sidewalks and paths.

Get further details and buy now on >>>

Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 297 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded this Confidence Deluxe Pet Stroller 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

“I take my 17 lb shih tzu everywhere in this! I absolutely love it. I’ll be taking her to Europe next year with this stroller. It is a life saver on hot days or when my dog is too tired to keep walking. It’s very sturdy, lightweight, the brakes lock well and collapses for easy storage. Buy it!

“I love this. I put both my small babies in it one 5lbs one 7lbs and a dog bed. Sturdy yet very lightweight, easy to open and close. Get so many compliments.”  

“Wow! Impressive. This stroller has features that much more expensive strollers don’t even have. Such as the tray on the handle which will hold 2 bottles of water/pop and a tray for keys/cell phone/etc., and the basket underneath which is roomy enough to hold my iPad, supplies, whatever. The stroller zips/unzips easily, is roomy, has a pad (although I have added a baby blanket for additional comfort) and a strap to hook collars/harnesses. If you are looking for a high quality, well featured stroller, then this is the stroller for you!”

Buy now at >>>


As far as I’m concerned, the pet stroller is one of the all time greatest inventions. Not only are they a great help to us as pet parents, but it means our dogs can accompany us more than they might have been able to otherwise. I have had the Confidence Deluxe Foldable Pet Stroller for over 2 years now, and I honestly can say I don’t know how I managed without it.

I highly recommend this product.


Note: There’s good news if you like to jog or cycle with your dog. Jogger strollers and bike trailers are available, and here are a couple of reviews I hope you find helpful.

Pet Gear AT3 Stroller

Pet Gear Jogger Stroller

PetZip Pet Happy Trailer Stroller