BestPet All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheel Pet Stroller: Review

bestpet all terrain extra wide 3 wheel pet stroller

bestpet all terrain extra wide 3 wheel pet stroller

The BestPet All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheel Pet Stroller is definitely worth a look if you’re a fan of 3 wheels, and wanted the extra roominess to bring more than one pet on your walks. I confess I was first drawn to the leopard pattern – something different from the plain, solid colours I’ve been used to seeing.

Let’s look in more detail at the features offered.

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Extra wide compartment

Now that I have 2 dogs in need of a pet stroller, the extra wide compartment is a bonus. Although they do fit in the one I have now, with Jack’s spinal surgery we have to be careful how he sits/lies.

The width would make it easier for both dogs to lie comfortably, if they have to be taken out together.

Free rain cover

You can buy a rain cover for the stroller you have, but with all the money we spend caring for our pets, isn’t it nice to get a little something included? You can protect your pets as much as possible bestpet all terrain extra wide 3 wheel pet stroller with rain coverby zipping the stroller up, but the mesh will let the rain through if it’s heavy enough. Having the cover is added protection, meaning the weather will no longer determine if you can take the animals out.

Features and Specifications

  • Holds up to 30lb
  • Easy fold – opens and folds in 5 seconds
  • Large storage basket underneath
  • Parent tray with 2 cup holders for treats, keys, phone, water bottles…
  • Access from the front and back
  • Front and back mesh windows for added ventilation, visibility and to keep bugs out
  • Canopy has mesh that can be left open to see your pet, or closed with velcro flap if too sunny
  • Easy zip
  • Easy assembly
  • Pad for pets to lie on
  • Large 6″ wheels glide easily over smooth or rough terrain
  • Made of tough and water resistant nylon
  • Free rain cover
  • Open Size: 33″L x 14.5″W x 38.5″H – Folded Size: 33.5″L x 17″W x 8″H – Cargo Measurement: 21″L x 13.5″W x 20″H  

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Customer Scores

I found 432 customer reviews at the time of writing, and they had awarded the BestPet All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheel Pet Stroller 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

What buyers are saying

This is a fabulous product! The dogs & I love it!! When I ask if they want to go out in their pet buggy, they get really excited. It packs into the back of my Subaru Outback without folding down. The 2 dogs together weigh 21 pounds so they are fine sitting nicely together. I can walk through stores like Walmart & Lowe’s without even zipping them inside.”

Omg the best Leapord Pet Stroller ever! I love it, I mean my lil ones love it very much🐶🐶. It was super easy to assemble in minutes. Perfect for my two pupz❤. Great purchase.”

I love this and the price was affordable. So great for my dogs to be able to go walking with me, and they can ride when tired.”

Perfect stroller for our two Shih Tzu’s . Accommodates all our needs while transporting our furry friends around the community or to the restaurants. Perfect in every way.”


The biggest complaints have been concerning the wheels, more specifically the post that holds the front wheels came off due to rust.  

It is advertised as an all terrain stroller, and many users have not only jogged with it, but also had no trouble wheeling it over snow, ice and bumpy roads. However there are others who feel it is not truly an AT stroller, mainly because the wheels are plastic.

If your pet is elderly with arthritis for example, or recovering from surgery, think about the type of surface you will be rolling over. If you will be walking on mostly bumpy terrain, air filled tires and strollers with shock absorbers may be a better choice.

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For being able to transport two smaller dogs at the same time, with room enough for each, this is an ideal solution. I’m always bringing supplies when I’m out and about, so having the parent tray for bestpet all terrain extra wide 3wheel pet stroller rear viewtreats, and cup holders for my water bottles, means the items most used are close to hand.

The storage basket underneath can hold plenty – I bring a sun hat, binoculars, small pack of Kleenex, snack for myself, leashes, toys, raincoat just in case and there’s room for more.

Plastic wheels are not the best for very rugged conditions, but you shouldn’t have a problem if part of your walk sometimes takes you over bumpy roads. I would stick to smoother surfaces myself, but that’s because one of my dogs is blind and I don’t want to frighten her, and the other shouldn’t be jostled around because of surgery.

Almost every real buyer of this product is extremely pleased with their purchase, and would recommend this stroller to others.

BestPet All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheel Pet Stroller: Review

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35 thoughts on “BestPet All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheel Pet Stroller: Review

  1. Sounds like a pretty great stroller. Nice that it comes with the free rain cover. I personally am not a fan of the print and would prefer the boring plan color, though. 🙂

  2. Strollers aren’t really done much in Australia, but I know many of my American friends use them for their pets.

  3. I am in the market for a pet stroller now so I am going to check it out on amazon – thank for the info – sounds like a really great quality pet stroller!

  4. Looks like this stroller might also work for cats. Ruby walks very well so we are not quite ready for a stroller, but am thinking about one for our older cat.

    1. A lot of cat parents use strollers, and they’re very happy with them. My unsolicited advice? Before you take your cat out in it, I would see how he/she likes it in the house, then the yard before I’d go onto the streets. I would also keep a harness on the cat, and hang onto the leash. Be sure to check for spaces cats can crawl through before you buy.

    1. You’re lucky your dogs don’t have any problems walking. Unfortunately many do, as do both of mine, and for those a pet stroller is the perfect solution. It allows them to walk as much as they’re able, then still spend time with the family, rather than being stuck at home.

  5. I will have to put this one on my list of potential strollers for my kitties! I love the leopard pattern too. Since I would only take them out on nice days (late spring/summer), some of the all terrain issues wouldn’t be as important to me. It’s great that it has such a large compartment for the pets too. I have a feeling that Dexter is going to end up being a big kitty (he’s only 6 months old).

    1. I was quite attracted to the leopard pattern as well. Lots of people do use a pet stroller for cats, unfortunately none of mine would have been that cooperative. Feel free to share some pics when you do get it.

  6. Looks like a great stroller. We don’t need one yet. Kilo was not impressed with the carry bag I tried him in yesterday so a roomy stroller might work better at some point.

  7. This is like the Land Rover of strollers! Nice. We get so much sidewalk damage in NY each Winter I can see the the usefulness of this one in particular. Excellent review!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  8. Your reviews are really great. I have a rain cover too, but haven’t used it yet. Maybe I should, it looks like it is a good addition.

  9. Wow! That looks like some stroller, too bad they didn’t make one big enough for some Goldens! lol What a great review!

    1. Thanks! I can only assume most strollers are for small dogs because they’re the ones that are often, sadly, treated as accessories. Hopefully as more people realise how helpful it can be for dogs of all sizes who have arthritis, or are recovering from surgery or injury, more attention will be paid to big strollers (unless it’s a design issue!).

    1. Surprisingly my younger dog Jack liked it, but I guess because he knew he was recovering, it was better than staying in the house! Lots of people use it for cats, but none of mine would have gone near it.

  10. Sounds like a terrific stroller! I could have used one for my sweet angel boy, Gibson, on the days when he could not walk. Only…I’d need one for a 100 pound Husky! Thanks for the great review!

    1. There are strollers made for bigger dogs, but so many users say claims are exaggerated. It would be amazing if more strollers would accommodate really big dogs. Shame for them to not be able to go out as much because of it.

  11. I’d probably want a lightweight tiny one as we don’t have much storage space and Mr. N is the only pet. This looks nice for people with multiples though!

  12. A big part of why I finally buckled down and bought a stroller was because of safety and convenience for both my small dogs and my seniors. Great article!

    1. I found it hard to take the plunge, but once I did I knew it was a great decision, and I realised I could have used it a lot sooner. It definitely is convenient, and safer.

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